Reflections on picking up all your crap and setting it down someplace new

Apr 03, 2006

Once, while moving from Texas to Washington, my dad told me, the fragile 13 year old leaving everythying she’d ever known, that home is where your crap is. It was my first large move and I thought he was on crack. Of course, every thirteen year old thinks her parents are ALWAYS on crack.

And some of ‘em are.


  1. I’m one of those people you can’t pry out of a spot unless you got a really good bottle of wine and perhaps a lot of money to persuade me.  We’ve lived in this little bitty place for the past 10 years with no signs of moving anytime soon.

    And actually I think I just now got a good dent going in the carpet under my computer chair. smile

    By ^starshine on 2006 04 03

  2. Condo during grad school, first house when I got married, second house when Matt was three, and this new house 3 weeks ago. Add in the two moves in two years prior to that and I guess you could say I’ve moved a bit, too.

    But I would really like to stay in one place for a long time.  My parents have been in the same house since 1978 and I love that house so much.

    Glad you’re settling in, though.  Will you be moving again soon?

    By Mari on 2006 04 03

  3. Since we got married almost eight years ago, we have moved four times.  I feel that home is what you make of it.  And the most important part of your home are the people inside it. 

    As long as I have my family, then I have my home.

    By Little Miss on 2006 04 03

  4. 7 times since I moved out of my parents house. Went from parents, to an apartment with friends, then to my sisters, then moved in with kyle to a little cottage-then to an apartment-then to a townhouse-then to a house-then to this rental. We arent done. :( lol Before I moved away from home, my family moved 4 times in 18 years.

    By Bree on 2006 04 03

  5. 1986, from Nevada to Washington
    1986, different house in same town
    1987, parents’ real house in same town
    1997, (summer) off to college, summer start
    1997, (fall) moved into dorm (had a troll of a roommate) and a semester later…
    1998, (winter) moved into a different room
    1998, (summer) moved in with stupid ex
    1998, (fall) moved into dorm, stayed there for 9 months
    1999, (summer) officially moved in with ex
    2000, (summer) moved into Grandma’s old trailer
    2002, (spring) moved to different town with almost-dh
    2003, (fall) moved into this house with dh

    So, that’s about 12 times.  The last 4 included just about everything of mine, the ones before I still had a few things left at my parents’ house.

    And I’m not moving a damn thing ever again.  We’re hiring movers if we ever have to move again.  Otherwise we’re just not moving again.  smile

    By lanna on 2006 04 03

  6. I was a military wife, so I can’t even count.  I seriously mean it when I sold all my stuff and started over each time.  Probabley close to 10 times in a 5 years marriage.  Then I moved quite a bit after my divorce trying to settle down and for work.  I’m thinking of moving again.  I’m certifiable, I assure you.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 04 04

  7. From my parents’ house to an apartment four miles away in 2001 when I got married.

    From the apartment to a house six miles away seven months later.

    I’m not that big on moving… really dreading having to do it again sometime in the next few years.

    By Erin on 2006 04 04

  8. Out at 18 and 4 times since then. And hopefully we will be moving this summer to a bigger kick ass house. Cuz we need more room and less shit!

    By Nicole on 2006 04 04

  9. Not really a gypsy…just three moves in 10 years. I’m kind of like Erin..not too many moves and not very far. Let’s see, spring 1997 we moved into our apartment (shhhhh…living in sin). Fall 1997 we bought our first “house,” a condo about 3 miles from the apartment. And Fall 2000 we moved into our current house, which was only about a 2 mile move. Hopefully our next move will be to a bigger house with MORE bathroom space. Three women in this house now and this one full bathroom business ain’t gonna cut it as they get older. smile

    By Jamie on 2006 04 04

  10. Every year in college I had a new apartment.  Moving is fun!  Then I moved my first year of law school, my second year I got a house of my own, my third year I married Mr. Belle and we bought a little house, then we moved to a house my dad owned.  At this point moving was getting to be a drag.  Then, we bought our current house and off we are moving again in twenty five days.  MOVING IS NO LONGER FUN.  Lets count the moves though…
    I am at 16.  SIXTEEN.  What the hell is wrong with me!??

    By RB on 2006 04 04

  11. (as a kid we moved 3 times in the same town)
    In 1999, at 19, I moved out.

    99- moved in with Ben (the BIG move from CA to OH)
    00- moved in July (across town)
    01- moved in July (to the other side of town again)
    and again in October (into my inlaws house! 2 hours away. ugh)
    02- moved in April (across town from my in-laws)
    03- moved in April (a coupel towns away from my in-laws, we lived here the longest)
    05- moved in December (into our first house!)

    By Sarah on 2006 04 04

  12. I love moving out of state, love the new beginning but don’t see it happening now that I’m married to a Mama’s boy smile

    Hey not related to your post but remember when your blog would show how many times a link has been clicked when you would hover over it?  Well I’m looking for something like that.  Is there a plugin for it?  I’ve been trying to find it.  Please do let me know.

    By Mama C-ta on 2006 04 04

  13. My dad was in the Army, so when I was younger I moved around… A LOT.  I know exactly what you mean about someplace not feeling like “home” just yet.  It takes a bit of adjustment, but eventually it feels normal again.

    By Daph on 2006 04 04

  14. I moved 8 times to 8 different states until my sophomore year in highschool when I vowed never to follow the family again if they eft. Sure enough Dad got another job while I was at UT in Austin and I stayed behind and got married shortly after. Then we moved to a different city and I’d like to say there will be no more moves out of state. not ever. but who knows? shee-ite happens. (oh yeah and in Austin I lievd in 4 different places) Then there was the most recent hell move to Melbourne Australia but you know all about that. I can’t wait to come back to the states.

    By texasbelle on 2006 04 04

  15. I just did a quick count, and I gave up at 15.  I also have racked up an incredible 6 months transition living in hotels while searching for my next abode.  And don’t get me started about new jobs!  Thanks for the great post topic—I’ll be stealing it for my very own!

    By canadian_sadie on 2006 04 04

  16. I always think of George Carlin ‘too much crap’.

    By Renee on 2006 04 04

  17. Wow!  Lots of moves for many of you…

    Me: three moves between birth and high school grad(from CA to ID to WA), 3 places in college, then marriage = 1 apt and three houses in almost 8 years!

    But since we HATE the real estate process now, we will NEVER move again!!!

    By Amy on 2006 04 04

  18. I had only moved once (that I could remember) before I got married, and then:
    98=got married and moved into itty-bitty duplex
    99=lived out of a trailer at a BSA camp for the summer, then moved to a large “apartment”
    02=moved to house in OR for 3 months, then to house in ID
    06=will be moving to a duplex in 3 weeks…

    so that will make a total of 6 moves in 7 years involving 4 different states?  Something like that anyhow…  Since we’ll just be renting, I am sure there will be yet ANOTHER move in our future within the next year… Joy of all joys!

    By Holly on 2006 04 04

  19. I’ve been a gypsy my whole life! I’m hoping THIS will be the first place I stay for longer than four years!

    By candice on 2006 04 04

  20. Yup, we are nomads too.

    97-out of parents in MD to OH w/ Alan
    98-out of apartment and into our house
    00-from OH to AL
    02-from AL to apartment in CT
    02-out of apartment and into CT house
    05-from CT to apartment in GA
    06-(in a few weeks) out of apartment and into GA house

    I hope NO MORE (at least no more out of state moves) for a long, long, long time ‘cause I’m tired.

    By Carolyn on 2006 04 05