I met a new man at work AKA: Affairs of the heart

Aug 25, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again

I’ve been working diligently on standardizing code, upping standards, and being “The Best I Can Be” (without joining the US Army). So today when I downloaded the new Safari 4, I literally fell head over heals right away.

Do you believe in love at first site? (Get it? SITE? ... sorry, baby got nerd.. cough) I do.

At least, I do now.

This badboy is SEXAY.

Safari and it’s on-board web console for developers is like the icing to my cake.

He’s like the Travolta of the 70’s sleeked up and made in to one badass browser singing to sweep me off my feet.

Like Kitt and Night Rider.

Like Bret and Jamaine.

He walks me through my code, showing me exactly what loads and how long it takes. He works with me to find bugs, errors, and ways to improve.


He knows how to woo me, giving me things I like. He listens to my needs and attentively displays those sites I work on the most recently.


He listens.

He’s also quick. Which, I know, right? Kind of cliche, but sometimes a girl needs a fast man. Get the site up and let’s get on with our lives. Places to go, people to see, and sites to develop.

He is the fastest browser in the west beating out IE8.


But most importantly, he’s safe, secure, and protects my online information. He’s like a big, strong bear hug for my fragile ego.

And I’m leaving Firefox for him.

Sorry, Firefox. I know we have a long history together. But really, how could it last? We both knew one day we’d move on to other things. We just.. grew too much apart, you with your whoring out plugins and whatnot. You went too far too fast and now you’re slow and old. Safari? Has a list of features you can’t even touch, babe.

Feel free to call one day, FF. I hope we can still be friends. But maybe see a shrink first. I just can’t help you anymore.


  1. I’ll be here to comfort ol’ Firefox now that you’re gone. Yes, I’ll take your sloppy browser seconds. I’m not ready to move on.

    Think of us fondly every once in a while, over in your new world.

    By Maura on 2009 08 25

  2. I too heart Safari4.  Such a breath of fresh air…and the top sites feature is my absolute favorite!

    By Marjorie on 2009 08 25

  3. omfg, LOVE!!!

    The new Safari is SO quick that he does me right, cleans up AND does the dishes, then comes back for more.

    RAUR indeed!!!

    By VDog on 2009 08 25

  4. I’ve been using Safari for over two years now.  It’s been very helpful since I’m not particularly techno-savvy.  But the first few days of Safari 4 made me crazy - luckily, Mac had an update by the end of the first week to fix most of the trouble I was having.  I think when your “partner” changes themselves, sometimes you need a breather to come to terms with it.  You need to stop saying “You aren’t the browser you used to be…..” and embrace some of those self-improvements.  grin

    May your honeymoon never end!

    By Carly on 2009 08 25

  5. Hmmm, since I keep downloading the updates, maybe I should try and use it. Especially since Firefox is being a jerk these days.

    By Issa on 2009 08 25

  6. Damn you for finding cool crap like this, when there’s laundry to be done.

    [one beat, two beats]

    Screw the laundry…I’m going on Safari!!!

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2009 08 25

  7. Because of you, and my love for all things Flinger, I’ve taken your word and have downloaded a Safari of my own.  I just hope he holds up to the HIGH standard that you have set.  Cause I would hate to have to kick him out of bed and move back in with FireFox.  Just sayin’...

    By AmazingGreis on 2009 08 25

  8. yep, we downloaded this a few days ago.  super cool!

    By Liz on 2009 08 25

  9. You’re trying to convert me to a Mac aren’t you?  I’m onto you.

    By Amie aka MammaLoves on 2009 08 25

  10. He’s like Fonzi to your Richie. wink

    By Maria on 2009 08 26

  11. Yes we too have downloaded the new Safari 4 and I have to agree it is bloody awesome!!!!  We are avid Mac users in our home….2 of them….love em…..

    By aussiechic on 2009 08 26

  12. I too have fallen under the spell of Safari 4… and didn’t even realize how special he is.  Very much like all my relationships.  At least this time I’ve found out in time to appreciate it…. before the next [update] comes along to woo me.  =)

    Lurking on you from over by Lotus’s way.

    By WackyMummy on 2009 08 28

  13. Ok, so in the background of the pic - I notice one of the sites you have open is an A Phi site.  Are you a Phi???

    By Heather Wunsch on 2009 08 28

  14. I like anyone(thing) who makes you this happy.

    By amanda on 2009 08 30