Shhh, I’m not here. Blogging from the cardboard boxes or a bathroom in Starbucks.

Oct 03, 2006


I’m sneaking in to my website like a coke addict in a bathroom at some sleezy bar. Don’t tell anyone I’m here. I’m apparently burried under piles of boxes and begging for Verizon to get my DSL hooked up before next week. I’m selling out my soul, people. Verizon-whoreing. I am doing it anything to get the man with the switch-my-life-on access to just flip the damn switch already.

In the mean time, I’m here at Starbucks for ten minutes watching my kid throw muffin on the floor. To the people who work here: I AM SORRY. But I must blog.

There’s been this debate in my head for some time now. I’ve talked to a few people about it a little bit about it and then I went and signed up because everyone else is doing it, too. We’re talking about ads. Blog ads, to be specific. And if it’s a sell out or a great opportunity.

I used to get all pissy when “so and so” who must have about fourteen readers, like me, put ads up. I think there’s a breaking point when it’s ok to put them up and when it’s just tacky. Say, for example, you are Dooce or Amalah or someone. SURE. I bet you make money on your site and why not? You have the audience, the wit, the writing and the people clamoring to be on your adspace. Now, let’s say you’re a much smaller blog. Do you put ads up? Do you risk pissing off the readers? Do your readers even care?

Where do you stand? I probably agree with Jamie that “If ads take over the writing, it’s about as obnoxious as mySpace.”  But would I put ads on my site?

Let’s just say we are now living totally house-poor and I have one mean Starbucks addiction.

P.S. Shit! I missed the Perfect Post Awards again this month. I keep forgetting to nominate someone! But in my defense, I also forget my OWN MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY for godssakes as well as other good friend’s birthdays. OH! And Anniversaries! And Easter! And..


  1. I will send positive whoring vibes to Verizon for you. And on the ads I say why not, unless of course they detract from your awesome writing which they will not.

    By Jamie on 2006 10 03

  2. I’m also considering ads. I just wonder if they’ll be worth the trouble…

    By Leah on 2006 10 03

  3. We will if you do! I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing actually, so more power to you!

    What? You might make a little $$ for doing something you like? Shame! Shame! I say.

    By leslie on 2006 10 03

  4. Beer will probably get the verizon guy working faster…or atleast the promise of a 6 pack AFTER it’s hooked up and working.  wink
    ((Who is also “house poor” and sinking fast…))

    By Annie De on 2006 10 03

  5. I dunno, my opinions of blog ads is one that I really don’t pay that much attention to them. 

    There are many blogs that I visit that have them and it doesn’t bother me but I also can say the opposite is true is well. 

    And doesn’t the Verizon people sleep on the job?  Perhaps you should offer him a pillow and a place to nap?

    By ^starshine on 2006 10 03

  6. If the adds take up more than a 3rd of the blog I stop reading cause it’s just annoying to look at and I can’t ignore them flashing or huge. I don’t know, if I was hurtin for money I’d just get a part time job, but I wont deny the appeal of makign some easy dough by just splashing ads on my blog.

    By Sarah on 2006 10 03

  7. I actually just (like 5 minutes ago) suggested blog ads for a friend who’s struggling financially. I told her I’d click on them.

    Well, I would.

    I mean, first of all, I pay for other content, books, magazines, cable tv. Why not for the blogs I read every day?

    Also? I’m a big fan of voting with my wallet. I think it’s the most important part of being a member of a capitalist society. I don’t like to wear clothing that provides free advertising for some major brand. I don’t like to shop where I disagree with the politics. I don’t want my money working its way to people who have belief systems I abhor. But that means that I’m also more likely to actually financially support those organizations that sponsor things I care about.

    So I would click on your blog ads. Because I like your stuff. And I want it to continue.

    By Sallyacious on 2006 10 03

  8. Ha!  The other day to blog and escape the kids and the husband, I took the laptop into the “potty”.  Now, that’s tacky…you’re still OK:)

    By stayathomemotherdom on 2006 10 03

  9. Blog ads don’t bother me. Dooce’s blogs were obnoxious for a short time, but then she fixed them. That’s the only time they’ve ever bothered me. I say go for it. It’s your blog. I don’t understand why people get all self-righteous about blog ads anyway. If someone doesn’t one to be bothered with them, they can read an rss feed.

    By jomama on 2006 10 04

  10. Why did I type “one” instead of “want”? My mind works in strange ways.

    By jomama on 2006 10 04

  11. HA at jomama ‘cause I read it as “want”!  Brains are just too odd.

    I didn’t even know you could get ads for your blogs, other than if you go through a company that has ads already…  if you make $$ at it why not?  So long as they aren’t all obnoxious and in the way and take over the blog. 

    I guess the question is how much money could you make from it?  If it’s enough to fund your Starbucks addiction, heck yes!  If you only get 50 cents a year than no.

    By Holly on 2006 10 04

  12. If you can make some money, why not.  But if the page becomes *all* ads* and no Mrs. Flinger, I won’t be happy.  wink

    By Lanna on 2006 10 04

  13. Go fer it then tell me how to do the same beeeyotz!

    By texasbelle on 2006 10 04