Slurp Slurp Slurp

Jun 13, 2008

If this blog gets a little steamy, please do not disturb. The InLaws are coming to take the kids for the night (two?) and the Mister and I will be romping around like the 17 year old selves we once were.

That’s right! We’ll be falling asleep on the couch watching movies at 9! :: snort ::

Happy Father’s Day.



  1. Bwahahhahhahahahaha.

    Happy Father’s day!

    By Darla@UltraBeautyBoutique on 2008 06 13

  2. Even one night without the kids would make me giddy.


    By Angella on 2008 06 13

  3. Make sure you got lots of Teh Trojanz…. you know… just in case.

    Y’all don’t want any March surprises! wink

    *ducking the flying objects you are undoubtedly throwing my way*

    By Christine on 2008 06 13

  4. You guys look so cute and happy!  Have fun.  Go be wild and crazy and eat a piece of bread, will ya?

    By Laura on 2008 06 13

  5. This photo was NOT taken today. I am SO bitter that it wasn’t sunny today when they said it would be.  Damn it…I need SUN.  But, the sun doth shine tomorrow, OR ELSE!  HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!  See you tomorrow.  Weeeeee

    By Michelle on 2008 06 13

  6. LOL! Enjoy your weekend.

    By Kim Priestap on 2008 06 13

  7. Sounds like OUR kind of hot date night! wink

    Happy Father’s Day hot and steamy weekend. Rowwrrrrr.

    By Jamie on 2008 06 14

  8. Well that sounds like a perfect adult night to me!! Movies at 9!! Good lord! wink

    By Ness on 2008 06 14

  9. That is so totally me and my husband . . . ‘cept we’d “take a nap.”  Have a great day and it looks fab over here!  I love the new stuff!

    By Carrie on 2008 06 14

  10. Hey…your blog’s a rockin’!

    (Sorry for knockin’.)

    By Christine Watch Me on 2008 06 15

  11. Bow-chica-bow-wow!

    By Kate on 2008 06 15

  12. uh oh!  (By the way, LOVE the new look here.)

    By Shamelessly Sassy on 2008 06 15

  13. Good to know we’re not the only ones who spent our Father’s Day that way.

    By Bethiclaus on 2008 06 20