Spellcheck is the death of my brain cells

Apr 27, 2006

#Working Mom

I made it through graduate school. Did you know this? They actually GAVE me a Masters Degree in Information Technology. Fools! FOOLS! Because today, as I lectured on the ins and outs of site definitions in Dreamweaver, I labeled my folder (as stated in their handout) pasta_resteraunt. That’s right, your instructor DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL RESTAURANT!

My favorite writing center students corrected me. In front of everyone. Gotta. Love. That.


  1. OMG are you me? 

    I have a computer science degree and cannot spell to save my life.  Back in the day (I am 36 - a little older than you) I used to worry about it.  Now I am brain dead and use spell check. 

    Anyway I was taking a summer school class at the University of Texas and Nell Dale filled in for the professor on the first day.  I was thinking how cool she was because I had that whole OMG a woman out kicking some ass in the real world.  She wrote the text books I was using (at a college in another state). 

    I learned something that day.  She was writing on the board and she COULD NOT SPELL.  She outwardly told the room full of students, “I can’t spell.”  She asked for a designated speller in the front row and when she did not know a word she just asked. 

    I have been kicking ass ever since.  Who cares if you can’t spell?  You can still rule the world.

    By Trisha on 2006 04 27

  2. I am “supposed” to be able to spell as I have a journalism degree and have always worked in pr or publishing. Any way, several years ago I was working at a university and was editing the faculty/staff newspaper. I misspelled California as Californa. I used to joke that was the way Elvis would have spelled it cuz can’t you just hear Elvis saying Californa? Uh…can’t you? But Mrs. F I luff you even when you don’t spell things right.

    By Jamie on 2006 04 27

  3. Ummm… sweetie?
    Last paragraph… “sensor.”

    I think you need a little break/vacation.  smile

    By lanna on 2006 04 27

  4. LOL!!

    I DO! I need a vacation big time! grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 04 27

  5. I spotted your darling icon while at Trisha’s and had to come take a look at your blog. I also had PPD, and I’m in love with A. Lamott. Did you read her awesome article in the April issue of Oprah’s magazine?

    By surcie on 2006 04 27

  6. OH! No! I didn’t! I’ll have to google that. I didn’t know she wrote something.

    And great to meet you! I’ll have to run over and say hi on your blog, too. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 04 27

  7. Hey, laugh with your mistakes.  I’m embracing my humanness.  Maybe I should embrace Merrion-Webster???

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 04 27

  8. I’m inclined to believe the bad-spelling-is-a-sign-of-genius theory since I can’t spell worth anything.

    By Jen on 2006 04 27

  9. damn. I caught the “sensor” too but didn’t get here fast enough to be bitchy first!

    You, woman, need a day off.  Take one soon, mkay?

    By Sitting Still on 2006 04 27

  10. Sensor! Drat! You all beat me too it. C’mon that was too funny. wink Leslie, you totally planted that, didn’t you?

    By Erin on 2006 04 27

  11. As an expert on all things fourth grader, you’d die laughing at some of the notes I get…from their parents!  “Jenny was absent Wendsday becaue she had a soar throat.”

    Of course, when you’re teaching, talking, and writing at the same time, words can easily be spelled wrong.  I use the classic teacher line - “I was just checking to see if you were paying attention - good for you!” smile

    p.s. You will ALWAYS spell and write better than those email excuses from students a while back!

    By AmyM on 2006 04 27

  12. Of course all I have to say is that Baritone playing Goddesses have no need to spell correctly. smile

    By ^starshine on 2006 04 27

  13. Wait, I’m supposed to be able to spell? What the hell was spell check invent for then!?

    By erika on 2006 04 27

  14. Hello.  My name is Charla.  I teach English, SPELLING, and Literature, yet I am the official WWS (world’s worst speller).  My husband finds this hilarious.  Hummmmpf.  Mrs. F, you’re in good company it seems…

    By Charla on 2006 04 27

  15. Hm, well, I can spell perfectly and also designed the EE Spellchecker so where does that put me on the genius scale?  Perhaps I should tell you how to remove the EE Spellchecker so that you can no longer use it?  Hmmm?

    By Paul Burdick on 2006 04 27

  16. sensor.
    LMAO leslie

    By candice on 2006 05 04