Starting Fresh, Six Years Later

Nov 15, 2009

I started my this blog in 2003 as a project in Graduate School. I was determined to learn PHP, against the will and force of The Man at the time, which only had room for Java Programming, and so took on a web application called “web blogging” and the subsequent languages and CMSes that went along with it.

It changed my life. Most literally.

Since I started on a Moveable Type install learning PERL and PHP, moving to Wordpress and finally ExpressionEngine in 2004, I’ve re-adjusted this site more times than I care to admit. Growing Pains. Global Variables changing a few months later.

Reeeeaaallly Ugly CSS.

And so forth.

I learn by doing and experimenting and so this site was a home of experiments. It suffered greatly as a result. Membership areas suddenly open because of one forgotten Semi-colon. (Oh! THE PLIGHT of the programmer! The SEMI-COLON)  RSS feeds that fail. CSS divs wrapped in other divs wrapped in a few more divs until divisions are such that they wrap around the browser and break. Etc Etc Etc.

But recently I decided to start a little fresh, update, recreate and do something worth sharing.

Life is dynamic, so should be your site. (You can quote me on that.)

What I hope to share is an account of some updates, easy as they are, that I learned in the process of doing. Finally, I implemented some best practices on my site and hope to give you a heads up in how you can save yourself the time, expense, frustration of what I learned. In the vast EE community, of which I’m proud to be a member, there are tutorials and ideas, methods, add-ons. I’m just one girl who learned the hard way and want to share what I have with you.

It’s the spirit of the EE community. Learn. Code. Implement. Pass-on.


  1. Oh Goodie; I get to comment. Yes, this is your playground and I love reading it, each step that you have taken.
    So proud of you.
    Tag; your turn.

    By Omaflinger on 2009 11 21

  2. I am so excited that you have decided to be the geek you. I love the geek you. And I have learned so much from analyzing the design that you created for my two sites back in the day. You inspired me to get into web design and learn more every day! I’m so excited.

    By Kristina Brooke aka Mom on the Rise on 2009 11 29