Stealing Time: One Locked Bathroom Door At A Time

Jun 21, 2010

I’ve been working on the revision of this site for a very, very, very long time. I grabbed an amazing illustrator and graphic artist from Design Tramp to illustrate me. With the patience of a fucking saint, he drew and re-drew and added pieces to my design elements.

Which I then took and hacked all to hell because I changed my mind.


So, without taking any credit for the elements on the page (seriously, HE IS AMAZING), I can say I hacked the psd to bits, added some elements, threw in some font-squirrel font-kits and TEXT SHADOWS OMNOMNOM.

Don’t you wish your browser was smart like mine?”

< nerd >Cough. < / nerd>

Poke around but judge not. At six months past due, I finally said screw-it, threw up my hands, and unveiled this WITHOUT CHECKING FOR STANDARDS.

I live on the edge, people. I live on the edge.





  1. It rocks. I love it. And I love you. TOO CUTE, CAN HARDLY STAND IT!

    By syd on 2010 06 21

  2. LOVE it!!!!  Cartoon you is HAWT!!!

    By AmazingGreis on 2010 06 21

  3. I think it’s quite purty.  :D

    By Lanna on 2010 06 22

  4. I, personally, think it’s an improvement. : ) Great job!

    By Sean on 2010 06 22

  5. I love it!  It looks great.

    By Rachael on 2010 06 24

  6. I absolutely LOVE it, Leslie. LOVE.

    You’re so talented and have a great eye!


    By sam {temptingmama} on 2010 06 24

  7. So I know this post is from about half a month ago but I was reading it and I could have SWORN that “Don’t you wish your browser was smart like mine?” was ACTUALLY “Don’t you wish your boner was smart like mine?” and I was all “But my boner IS smart!” and then I read it again and a part of me died.

    By Matt on 2010 07 16

  8. thanks for sharing

    By linksoflondon on 2010 07 30