Tales of the lost mommy files

Jan 26, 2006

#Social Clutz Loveable Spaz

Are you ever suddenly struck with the fear you left your tampon in three days ago and fogot to take it out? Do you honestly think that maybe the string got shoved up in your body and you’re going to give birth to some cotton mass in a month or two? Do you ever sit there, pondering this, letting yourself invision toxic shock and other such ailments as you look for signs that you did, in fact, leave a tampon behind.

Only to realize, no, you probably took it out after all. And did I pay the mortgage this month?
This is the type of week I’m having.


  1. I have to go back and see if I flushed the toilet.  Then I wonder if I really did pee.  Totally with you on this.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 01 26

  2. I had a friend once who, after removing her tampon, realized there was another string…from the one she forgot to take out earlier that day. TMI?  Nah.

    You aren’t a lone ball-dropper (sounds dirty).  I am just as bad.  I have post-its everywhere to remind me to do things.  It’t the only way I can live sanely…er…exactly how sane, I’m not sure.

    By Charla on 2006 01 26

  3. I have been doing this to, this month.  It makes me realize I need to scale back our activities—too much going on for us.

    By Running2Ks on 2006 01 26

  4. oh yeah, oh yeah. I hear you.

    You know, automatic debit is the way to go… of course you have to remember to update your files, but you can set Quicken up to do that for you automatically. I love my automatic payments!

    Now if there were some way to automate the tampon thing… I totally hear you there!

    By Marie on 2006 01 26

  5. I can relate! I’ve thrown away checks, forgotten to take my birth control pill (NOT good) and put an empty pot on the stove and turned the burner on high an walked off. I think it’s called momnesia.

    By Jamie on 2006 01 26

  6. Marie, my only fear about the autodebit thing is that I don’t double pay our mortgage. I forgot I turned that on and then wrote a check. ACK! I need to actually start USING Quicken. No more of this by hand shit (heloooo, I’m a CS teacher!)

    Jamie, I’ve done the pot on the stove thing, too. Also, add filling up washer with water and forgetting to put in clothes. ‘Doh!

    Running 2K’s: Scaling back. Smartness. I really need to look at my schedule.

    Charla, sadly, I have a planner. Ya. I do. I don’t USE it, but I have it.

    Dizzymizzy.. LOL.. you are a riot!! Been thar, done that!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 01 26

  7. Umm yes.
    I have that fear all the time!
    Especially since that very thing (we’re still talking about the vanishing tampon, right?) happened to my sister AND my cousin!!!

    By kelly on 2006 01 26

  8. I dub thee “Forget-a-belle”

    By ^starshine on 2006 01 26

  9. Sounds like how I get when I’m preggers….hhhmmm?

    Or just TOO much goin on.

    By sarahgrace on 2006 01 26

  10. uh - been there, checked it. I was reading in Cosmo this month that you become forgetful the week befor eyou period. The things you learn from that magazine….

    By Nicole on 2006 01 26

  11. That really sucks.  It doesn’t help that everytime a ball gets dropped, the stress increases and more balls drop.

    By JakesGirl on 2006 01 26

  12. OMG, Heather, aint that the truth??

    And sarahgrace, I’d think the same thing if I wasn’t actually ON My period. I think I’d take peeing on a stick to a whole new level if I did it WHILE menstrating. Although, it does sound like something I’d do.

    (Nicole, I read about BJs once in Cosmo. Way inormative…)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 01 26

  13. Oh yea (see starshine, I *should* be forgetabelle) Kelly, that happened?


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 01 26

  14. Yup…it’s momnesia all right. *sigh*

    By Amy_M on 2006 01 26

  15. Yeah, I do the tampon thing.  I sit in the bathroom and I start to feel sick.  Oh my god, I have TSS.  Everyone is going to think I’m an idiot because I forgot to take my tampon out and got sick.

    Oh wait…no, I remember, I did take it out.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    By Tiffany on 2006 01 27