The baby? He has come out of his stupor. And he is pissed.

Jun 04, 2007

#Baby O

You know how your baby sleeps the entire time they are in the hospital and they wake up pissed off about four hours after you get home? And you know how you tell people, “I have the BEST BABY EVAH!” when you call them from the hospital and they laugh, ask how old she/he is and say, “oh, just wait…” because they know? And then you know how about a week later you call those people back pledging your life if FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY the baby would stop crying?

Yea. I remember. Now.

So, in place of actual posts, you get pictures. PICTURES! WHEE! Because, quite frankly, I’ve started three actual posts and they all end up with “Shit, baby is crying, gotta go.”

And who needs that? Here! Pictures! Looksy!

And more because shit, the baby is crying.


  1. i have no advice, but i couldn’t leave without saying:
    damn, that is one good looking family you’ve created.

    By tiffany bates on 2007 06 04

  2. Can’t wait!  (to take my own pictures that is…)

    By sarahgrace on 2007 06 05

  3. Awwww, look how happy you look!

    You’ve made yourself quite a beautiful family there, missy.  smile

    By Friglet on 2007 06 05

  4. Beautiful photos.

    LB looks really tiny in that perspective.

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 06 05

  5. OMG, your kids are sooo cute!  I wish I could manage to get good photos like that!  Remember, the being up all night ends again.  There is hope at the end of the tunnel!

    By Shannon on 2007 06 05

  6. Cute, cute, cute! And you are looking pretty good yourself there, girl!

    By Ali on 2007 06 05

  7. So freakin’ adorable!

    By Whitney on 2007 06 05

  8. The kids are cute, but the first thing I thought was that you look so great too.  Your blog is making me want another baby all of a sudden, everyone is glowing!

    By Laura on 2007 06 05

  9. Ditto on the beautiful family.

    I love that pic of LB…the lighting or something is really cool.

    By Jenny L on 2007 06 05

  10. What a beautiful family!  You guys look so happy….and complete.  And you don’t even look that tired!

    By Emily on 2007 06 05

  11. Yeah, I finally get to see those eyes of his.  Oh and speaking of eyes—jiminy, LB’s eyes are blue!

    Beautiful—both of them (the kids, not just LB’s eyes)

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 06 05

  12. Ya’ll look GREAT!

    By Reevesfarm on 2007 06 05

  13. He’s such a sweetie. Even crying, he is!

    By Renee on 2007 06 05

  14. I am RIGHT there with you this time… Simon is SUCh an easy baby compared to Benjamin… but he really does NOT like to be put down these days. And hungry… ALL the time with the eating… winkSheesh.

    By Erin on 2007 06 05

  15. p.s. LOVE the 39-week belly shot.. I actually took one of those too since I I didn’t get to take a real one!


    By Erin on 2007 06 05

  16. I could just cry… he’s so adorable.  And it’s amazing to see the progression from birth and being so vulnerable, to a little pistol of a cutie pie!  I know this time is hard (who am I kidding, IT SUCKS!), and I’m thinking happy good karma thoughts for you.


    By Katie Kat on 2007 06 05

  17. On img_1909 - great haircut on LB!
    You all look great!  Glad the adjustment period has finally started and you’re doing the “daily life” thing again.  smile

    By Karen on 2007 06 05

  18. LOVE the pictures! Y’all look great, Leslie. Love baby O’s sweet newborn arms… Wish I could hold him!

    By Marie on 2007 06 05

  19. He’s gorgeous Leslie! LB looks like she’s adjusting well too! I’m thinking about you! XOXO

    By kelli on 2007 06 05

  20. Wow!  You look great!  Good for you!

    By Bethiclaus on 2007 06 05