The Cabbage Soup Diet, the gateway drug

Jun 12, 2008

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

God, is she going to post more about how cold and crappy it is there? UGH. You know? Like she’s the ONLY person to deal with shitty weather? I mean, comeon, people are drowning in their beds in the mid-west and blahblahblah it rains in Seattle. Get over it already. GOD. Or is this another “Why I’m too busy for you” post that makes me so warm and fuzzy? Like yesterday’s old fruit? Because nothing says “love” like “you’re third on my list, blog, and, well, it’s a short list.”

Oh why hello there, Internet! Did you know that we are living paralell lives? That I, too, almost purchased a skirt bathing suit before declaring that spanx should come installed in all swimsuits because if I’m spending 100 dollars on a suit, it damn well better make me look like Jennifer Aniston (exclamation point, loud talking in Macy’s, in front of the sales girl). I’ve also been feeling the guilt over the part time daycare set up we have and am trying to lose weight with a chatty little girl in tow.

Also, apparently, I’m very hungry because I’ve already told Elaine, Y, Rachel and Leah that I am going to lick them at Blogher. And I can not figure out why this is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. “I will LICK YOU!”

Dear god, that’s disgusting.

I must be hungry.

I am very hungry.

See, Monday, Michelle and I started the Cabbage Soup Diet. For someone who is always telling people to love themselves because it’s not about what you look like but who you are, I sure am obsess with what I look like. Or rather, how I feel about what I look like. So Michelle and I thought it would be lovely to jump start some healthy eating habits this summer by doing the Cabbage Soup Diet (again) together.

This diet fucking works.

But you are also very hungry.

:: oohhh, that keyboard looks tastey.. nomnom.. ::

The real goal is not to diet and lose weight (well, yes, of course it IS, ...) but rather to use it as a way of spurring ourselves on with some motivational numbers on the scale. It’s not THAT hard, really.

Within four days I’ve lost four pounds.

I’m within four pounds of my pre-LB weight. 2 pounds less than Pre-O.

And still?

The Sag.

The sag is still there. The Pooch is still there. My body is thirty, a mother, working and tired. But I’m more ok with that right now than I’ve been in a long long time. I’m OK with eating better. I’m OK with working out. I’m OK with drinking more water and making better choices.

Suddenly, I am just OK.

I’m hungry. I’m farting. I’m sick and tired of carrots. But I’ve learned that I can do this, I can make better choices. I can eat until I’m full without stuffing myself and I can make a kickass salad without dressing.

Saturday we resume our regular daily living. I don’t think either of us will be going back to before, though. We’ve seen a better way.

I’m sticking to it.


  1. Two things:

    With enough wine, I may just lick you at BlogHer.

    Also, is wine allowed on your diet.

    I just decided there shall be three things.

    #3 - If the sun had not come out today, I"m pretty sure I would have done something drastic. Like cut my own bangs or something horrid like that.

    By Rhi on 2008 06 12

  2. I am very hungry too, but I don’t go around telling people I will lick them.  My three year old does, but I don’t.  Come to think of it though, that does sound sorta good right about now.  They might have some fruity lotion on or something totally edible like that.  I could go for some fruity lotion. Actually, I take that back…I’ve eaten a lion’s share of farking fruit this week.  Give me meat.  Yes, meat lotion.  Perfect.  Do they sell that somewhere?  If so, sign me up.

    Keep up the good work my friend.  Cabbage soup is your friend!  Embrace the soup….

    By Michelle on 2008 06 12

  3. Ok, I know I have been lame about being around lately, but BlogHer licking?!

    Dammit! I miss all the fun.

    (And? You’re totally welcome for the pervy Google searches you will now receive. Hee)

    By Loralee on 2008 06 12

  4. What?  You’re not going to lick me???

    By jennifer on 2008 06 13

  5. This is why I am sad that I spent all my Mom Summer Camp money on Botox and Starbucks! I won’t be able to lick anyone or be licked by anyone at BlogHer.
    I am so alone….so very alone…

    But at least I am awake! And I don’t have wrinkles!!

    But I totally have a pooch. Please pass the Cabbage Soup.

    By MommasTantrum on 2008 06 13

  6. How great!!  Well, except for the farting part of it!!  I’m trying to look for something effective that will handle my tendency for the munchies.  But not too drastic because I have no willpower *lol*

    By Sarah on 2008 06 13

  7. I still haven’t found a diet or exercise for the sag and pooch…off to find a surgeon?

    By HRH on 2008 06 13

  8. MMMM H and I can eat normal food while we are there right? lol

    By sister flinger on 2008 06 13

  9. i hope i’m getting licked too…:)

    my pooch and i will be together forever. without surgery, there’s no way it’s going anywhere. GRRR>

    By ali on 2008 06 13

  10. What am I?  Chopped liver?  You don’t wanna lick me at BlogHer?

    You got something against chopped liver?  Are you a chopped-liver-ist?

    By Christine on 2008 06 13

  11. I did it like years ago. It really does work if you can stay on it. I found it odd and frightening that I got excited and counted down the hours until you got to add meat to the soup. So then I found a variation that has a really low fat/low cal diet where you used this as a filler sans the meat.

    By Ranee on 2008 06 13

  12. I don’t find the threat of licking at all strange. I say bring on the licking!! After all, BlogHer is pretty much a giant blogging slumber party, right? wink

    By Bri on 2008 06 13