The chick you meet online and his prison mates

Jun 03, 2006


Mr. Flinger teases me often about the “women” I speak with online. Every time we’re out in public and see some scruffy dude, he’ll tell me “that inmate-looking guy? That’s your ‘R*belle’ chick.” Or we’ll see someone on the news who is doing random acts of weirdness and he’ll tell me, “That’s your “Mari” friend and was seen on the computer shortly before the rampage and he was IMing a group of M O M M Y B L O G G E R S.”

He thinks he’s funny. He’s not. But this happens a lot.

It does leave me thinking. I’ve been wondering this more and more as I read about crazy people stalking or stealing pictures or as my faith wanes as I get older. Then, I read an amazing post by Yankeebelle and I realize I’m not alone in this fear. What *are* the implications of living an online life? What will LB say to me when she reads some of the posts about my hayhay and our sex life and her poop. I mean, I can’t even handle knowing my parents HAVE sex, how would I react if I knew


50 people read about their sex life?

I. Don’t. Know.

It’s an interesting thought and one I think is good to keep in mind when blogging. Especially since when I’m at Starbucks working now, if I am IMing someone, I’ll see another person on the computer typing and watch to see if they pause when the IM person pauses. ‘Cause you never know. Maybe that mullet head, wife-beater wearing, drug-dealing bum is my client?  Maybe Raybelle isn’t so southernbelle because she’s not so much a girl? Maybe she’s an inmate down the street just waiting to get out and stalk my hot ass? Well, see? It’s worth a thought.


  1. Wow…Yankeebelle’s post is very thoughtful. Perhaps I’m too trusting, but for the most part I think the people who we befriend are fairly safe. I think you just have to be comfortable with what you’re putting out there (did I say putting out? heh heh) There are certain things I will never blog about. My boss, as far as I know, doesn’t know about my blog but a co-worker does and she has a blog so I just assume that everything I write is “discoverable.” But I have been thinking lately about the fact that my girls are not going to want me to blog about them. I notice Busy Mom keeps her kids pretty anonymous, ya know?

    By Jamiae on 2006 06 03

  2. I think about this often, as you know.  Its certainly a catch 22, but LB is fairly anonymous, dont you think?  I think our plan is pretty good—happy go lucky family site with all of the goodness and then our personal sites that are the real poop—anonymously.  Its the only way I can figure right now, anyway.

    By RB on 2006 06 03

  3. Oh—I like that red shirt you are wearing today too. 
    Starbucks certainly was crowded wasn’t it?

    By RB on 2006 06 03

  4. You’re right. All this time I’ve been masquerading as a 25 year old yogi mother of two. I’m really 43, my name is earl and I currently reside at pleasant valley prison for stealing internet pictures. You caught me.

    By candice on 2006 06 03

  5. Well yesterday I did have a white tank top on that I jokingly told DH was a wife beater shirt…but I’ve never done drugs and even though I am from New Jersey, so do NOT have a mullet! =)
    Seriously, I know what you mean. But, it’s the risk we take to have a *hobby*.

    By speechjane on 2006 06 03

  6. I think about this often.  And maybe because I’m still small time blogger, I don’t worry so much.  With statcounter, I can track and see if someone is taking to much of an interest. 

    I honestly worry more about the registered sex offenders in my neighborhood when I take the baby for a walk.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 06 03

  7. I tend to err on the side of caution, not using hub’s or babe’s names, and once in a while a pic.  Though I’m with dizzymizzy about being more concerned about the local predators when I’m out & about…

    By Marie on 2006 06 04

  8. It is scary to think about the freaks out there and what they may do.  Your post makes me laugh, but it’s really not all that funny ‘cause there ARE people out there who make up stuff and say they are something that they are not.

    By Holly on 2006 06 05