The day she seemed thirteen

Jan 07, 2008

#Life#The Flinger Family

Today I heard something I thought I longed to hear. “Go away, Mommy. I wanna play alone.”

It wasn’t as great as I’d hoped.


  1. Kids are great, aren’t they… a few days ago I asked my dear 5 year old
    (mind you, the it’s the same 5 year old who hangs on my side 24-7) why she always gives away the thing she makes to everyone else and never makes anything for me. She looked me straight in the eye and said “Because I don’t like you.”

    By Jen Rizzo on 2008 01 07

  2. I just want to SAY that.

    By Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus on 2008 01 07

  3. Aww!  I’m sorry.  The bright side is that now you may be able to go to the bathroom in peace.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 01 08

  4. Oh, I know!  You can’t wait for a break from “Mommy, play with me” and then it happens and it’s like, “Wha? ME?  You don’t want to play with ME?” Ingrates.

    By AMomTwoBoys on 2008 01 08

  5. Sigh. I’m still waiting. I can imagine it’s not that uplifting though.

    At least I get told to go away when the toilet is in use now.

    By Carrie on 2008 01 08

  6. Funny how that works, isn’t it? But she’ll come running soon enough, like when she needs you to help her with the Barbie clothes or something like that.

    And thank you for the nomination, Mrs. Flinger! I’m so excited, I just did a round-off back handspring combo!!!

    By rimarama on 2008 01 08

  7. you PRAY for them to play on their own and when they do, you are all “hey, what am i? chopped liver?”

    kids sure are fun!

    By ali on 2008 01 08

  8. Hey!  Your kid stole MY LINE!!!

    By LeannIAm on 2008 01 08

  9. Yeah, I have heard that one too (and felt the same as you)...as well as to stay out of the bathroom and close the door until he is done pooping (but you had better be sure he’ll be yelling at me when he is done to clean him up “NOW, MOMMY!”).

    By hilary on 2008 01 09

  10. Ow.  I’d be all “Oh, yeah?  Well, I paid for all this crap so I’m locking all these toys in the closet so I can play with my by myself.  Good luck playing with just your imagination.”

    In my head I’d say that.  Really I’d just kind of crumple and sulk.

    By Mama Drama Jenny on 2008 01 09

  11. Yes, I remember that feeling.

    There’s hope though.  It gets better.  NOw, when I hear those words, I skip away singing a happy song because after 7 years, ohmygod, it’s great to have a little freedom.

    By Queen of Shake Shake on 2008 01 09

  12. I feel like this with every “first” these days it seems.

    I used to be thrilled by firsts, first tooth, first words, first steps, etc.

    Now, I seem to have stopped seeing them as “firsts” and now they are “lasts”

    The last time she will need me to _____, the last time she will want to____.  And there are a lot more lasts to come.

    By JayMonster on 2008 01 09

  13. Jay wins the “make me cry” award. Holycow.


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 01 10