The defining moment in a woman’s life *now with a tiny update

Jul 29, 2007

#Getting to know me#Weght Loss and Body Image

I remember my mother once telling me she looked in the mirror and saw Grandma. I must’ve been about 10 years old when she informed me my life would way day come to a screeching halt and I’d find myself laying on the floor in front of our full length mirror bawling my mother’s eyes out. I didn’t realize it would happen so soon.

Maybe it’s because I just spent an entire month with her. Maybe it’s because I just had my second child, not too much younger than she had her second child. Maybe it’s because now I am the same age she was in all those family photos of my childhood. Or, maybe it’s because Erin said, “I never realized how much you looked like your mother.”  I’ll blame my mid-life crisis on her. (You know i luff you, Erin)


*Impressed with my Mad Photoshop Skillz, aren’t you?

Not completely unrelated but coming shortly before today’s blast-to-the-past, I set up the website to accept private entries again. So I can talk about you? No. So I can talk about my post partum body, my quest to grow my hair out, and insanely boring topics like, “I went running today. I almost puked. It was refreshing.” You see, there’s this girl I see when I look in the mirror and it is not the one who is looking back at me now.  It’s not the person with two children, graying hair, and a muffin top. It’s the girl who jumped out of an airplane once, who climbed a mountain, who used to want to live in a cabin in Alaska and grow her own


food. It’s the person who wanted to write novels and live on an island in the San Juans. It’s also the person who stood on a mountain in November and married her best friend almost six years ago. If only I was that weight again, the one I thought was just so horrible at the time.


So, if you’re interested at all in the quest to “Get My Body Back”, register and start logging in. Hopefully in the next few days or so you’ll start seeing posts with this icon to warn you of a long-winded boring post probably having to do with my uterus falling out of my hayhay again when I went for a jog. But most importantly, I’ll keep pursuing my own identity. Because one day, my daughter will look in the mirror and go, “Oh, my god, I’m my mother.” And I really want that to be a good thing.

*Wow, a lot of y’all want to read about my HAWT muffin top and the ROLLS MY GOD THE ROLLS. Also, I just tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants (uh, size twelve) that didn’t zip. RAUR. I’ll be activating memberships this afternoon. Don’t be totally shocked if you log in and don’t see a SINGLE thing change (except your name appear on the right under who’s on.) But in the next day or two you’ll start seeing some changes, some posts, and if you’re REALLY lucky, a before picture. And maybe even a picture of the number on the scale. Holy Mothah.


  1. This cracks me up….Erin is right.  You look “somewhat” like your mom (especially when cropped into that HOT 70s look!), but you aren’t like your mom.  There is a big difference.  You are definitely your own individual, just as she is herself. 

    I look forward to that little icon…hopefully I will find a swift kick in the ass after reading such posts.  Lord knows I need one!

    By traci on 2007 07 29

  2. Who doesn’t want to read a long post about a falling uterus?

    By andi on 2007 07 30

  3. I’m diggin’ that portrait background. Suddenly I have visions of 5th grade school photo hell! wink

    I told my husband yesterday that I want to buy a bikini and actually look good in it before I turn 40. This was said as I sucked in the baby belly while frolicking in my very momesque solid blue tankini. Woo hoo!

    By Jamie on 2007 07 30

  4. I’m cracking up…totally cracking up…about the photoshop thingy. Ha!

    Oh, and I’m interested in reading about your quest to “get my body back” but I’ll warn ya, I’ve pretty much ditched my bad body image attitude and I’ve COMPLETELY abandoned the whole dieting thing. It all triggers too many bad memories of a past life I lived tied to anorexia.

    I AM back to my pre-preg size and wearing my pre-preg clothes, btw. But not with any dieting or food restriction. I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last year without trying, and I am happy. My body is simply doing what it is supposed to do…and I got my hypothyroid condition treated, which was a gift from my son, my dear second-born.

    I will offer you lots of encouragement and emotional support because I can relate…but not because I will be running my ass off and eating nothing but raw carrot sticks *shudder*

    By MGM on 2007 07 30

  5. I want to read about your adventure into getting into shape- mostly bc I am on the same quest and Im not great about blogging as much as I used to.

    When I got my ID in Texas when I had the crazy short hair I looked at it and thought, Holy Hell I am turning into my mother!  It was especially weird for me bc I grew up thinking I didnt look like either of my parents really ( I was blonde and blue eyed with brunette brown/hazel eyed parents.

    By Sara on 2007 07 30

  6. I’m also seeing some resemblance between myself and my mother 20 years ago.

    It’s spooky.

    I’ve recently started acquiring the pounds I had lost after my last baby.  She’s 19 months old now and I also had a c-section.  Even when I lost quite a bit of weight, I never lost the muffin top.  I now belong to a gym and am hoping I can sculpt as well as shrink this time around. 

    I would love to join you on your quest.  I am on one as well!

    By LeanIAm on 2007 07 30

  7. I’m all logged in and ready.  Bring it on!

    By Friglet on 2007 07 30

  8. cannot stop laughing at your photoshopping. you RULE man!!  Yeah. I know. It has been almost 6 months for me and I still have 8 pounds to go. I imagine if I gave up that wine at night I might just get there. Instead, I’ve started doing two aerobics classes when i go. ouchie.

    By texasbelle on 2007 08 02

  9. I registered.  Since we both had our wee-ones around the same time.  I strongly doubt that you can top my deflated uterus.  And like you I tried to put on a pair twelve jeans the other day and mine wouldn’t zip up either….they are still laying on the floor in my closet from when I threw them down in anger over my flabbiness.  You just might inspire me to take a photo of my own tummy but we’ll just see if I have the balls or not.

    By Domestic Diva on 2007 08 02