The downfall of being a woman in tech

Oct 02, 2009

I’m here at the EE Roadshow here in Seattle. I’m thrilled to be with so many fabulous developers in one location.

It’s a freakin’ GEEK FESTIVAL!


I’m glad to see women being represented here. There must be at least twelve of us in a full room of 200? :: fist pump :: GIrl power.

This, being the first and possibly one time ever, the women’s restroom wouldn’t have a line longer than security at Sea-Tac airport, they only have non-gender specific “washrooms”. This means the boys now stand in line and the women STILL stand in line.

Which, ok.

But this sharing a bathroom with men is something I can hardly do at home, let alone with 180 strangers.

Strangers who happen to own the pipe version.

Who do not aim.

At all.

So men, yo, do a girl a favor. LIFT THE LID. Aim, get’er done, and then CLOSE THE LID.

Don’t spray and run.

Do this sister a solid: Don’t make me squat.

Thank you.


  1. Ok, back when I was a network engineer (so, um, 5 years ago), my company had a meeting of all their west coast employees. Sixty-five guys. I was the *only* female in the room. No lie. Such a bizarre experience.

    At least I had my own ladies’ room all to myself, though. Eww. I’m not jealous of your bathroom scenario AT ALL.

    By cindy w on 2009 10 02

  2. I’ve peed as a traveller and seen some disgusting situations in women’s washrooms.  I’ve also peed in a men’s room on an army base.  Yeah. They shoot for a living - you’d think THEY could aim.  So I feel for you.  What’s the emoticon for “full body shudder”?

    May the struggle for equality and unity amongst the genders come with good hygiene and clean dry seats!

    By Carly on 2009 10 02

  3. Oooh sounds like you need a Go Girl.  wink

    By Ewokmama on 2009 10 02


    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2009 10 02

  5. exactly. what a perfect time to cover the go girl.

    By Dawn on 2009 10 03

  6. I’ll tell ya…I grew up with all brothers, and honestly, if they had bothered to lift the lid and just not put the seat down, I could have dealt with that.  But they didn’t.  They just peed on the seat.  So so so frustrating.  So when my hubs doesn’t put the seat down, I actually find myself so darn thankful he lifted it at all, that I don’t care.

    By Liz on 2009 10 04

  7. Thank god for this one, cause the last one had me sobbing.

    By amanda on 2009 10 04

  8. not exactly the report i’d expect to hear but very enlightening nonetheless!  and these are educated men, too.  ick!

    By Wendy on 2009 10 04