The Mason Jar

Jun 13, 2006

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We have a running joke in our marriage. One that involves the mister’s balls in a mason jar. He always greets new married friends with that old line, “so has she taken your balls and placed them in a mason jar on the table yet?” Usually there’s some snickering and a “no no, I’m kidding,” but when we get home he’ll ask if he can have his balls back for a night to go in the garage “and do manly things” or go look at motorcycles. Because, you know, you can’t do that without your balls.

Lately I’ve had this overwhelming feeling. It’s a combination of school ending, grades to be turned in, wanting to be fair and give students credit for their work and torn when people use excuses to get out of work.  I am often torn between motherhood, being a good teacher, and being the one to washes dishes, has a blog, makes friends, and visits with her family. With all those hats, I’m not surprised I drop a few.

I forsee a time when life will slow down but I’m not ready to be 80. I didn’t fall far enough from the tree in terms of needing my “stuff” to do. I have my lists, I have my goals and I have my commitments. The only thing is, lately, I’ve been neglecting important things. The registration for my car is one month overdue. The bills, although paid on time, didn’t get calculated until two weeks later and I still owe my babysitter money for May. There is the car that needs a tune up (12000 mile ago) the one that needs an “awl change” (that’s OIL for you northern folk) and the child who’s schedule is amazing and wonderful as long as I’m home six hours a day. I still have birthday cards and presents for people who’s birthday was two months ago and I never did get my sister something for her wedding. And I only just now realized people have emailed me from my design site a month ago and my mail didn’t work until now.  I tell ya, I’m dropping balls left and right, people. And I’m not pleased with myself.

Which bring me back to the mason jar. Would someone please watch over my husband’s mason jar for a bit? I’m so fearful I’ll drop those balls, too. And we’re going to need those if there’s any babymaking in our future.



  1. Thank you so much for letting me know I’m not the only one feeling this way!
    It made my morning!

    By Renee on 2006 06 13

  2. Sorry I can’t oblige.  I’ve got too many balls and my own husband’s to look after.  My luck, they’d get all mixed up and, well, wouldn’t that be awkward.

    By Sitting Still on 2006 06 13

  3. Good Lord, I’m dropping balls (and the occasional tomato that sneaks it’s way in) left and right and I don’t have a job and my child is actually still a fetus.  I think you get to drop some- just call it interperative dance and it’s all good.

    By Becky on 2006 06 13

  4. Oh no!You are 30 now aren’t you?
    Something to do with being at the top of the hill makes those balls start rolling down hill! LOL! Plus with bad eyesight, those arthritic hands and slow moving elderly body they are hard to catch.
    I say put all the balls in your husband’s jar! Maybe he’ll get the paying the balancing the banking balls next time you open that jar!

    By -LGirl- on 2006 06 13

  5. LOL. That was a brilliant post. i had no idea how you were going to bring it back to the mason jar.

    When I start getting overwhelmed with busyness, I write a list of EVERYTHING I need to do, and then let it rest for an afternoon while I go take care of my mental health. Then I come back and select the 3 most important or time sensitive things and do them. And give myself a little star next to them.

    Then I start combining tasks into groups that can get done in one fell swoop - like, all the phone calls. Or, in your case, a list of stuff you can do while you’re waiting for the car to get done.

    There are very few things in life that are so important as to have hernias over. And lucky for you, the really important things - your daughter, your husband - are the things you enjoy the most and don’t procrastinate on! You’re doing great!! smile

    By Laura on 2006 06 13

  6. aww!I have old birthday, mother’s day, and wedding gifts that till need to go out. It just gets harder and harder to send them with every passing day. eff it. You need a vacation to clear your mind because you are doing great. Shit just happens…all the time.  And if you come over right now I will make you one badassed drink and toast you with my own virgin POS rendition.

    By texasbelle on 2006 06 13

  7. Its scary how much we are on the same page at the same time… except for with the babymaking part.

    By RB on 2006 06 13

  8. And I am laughinf my ass off at sittingstill.  Sorry, got to go read her blog now!

    By RB on 2006 06 13

  9. If you want our family has a shelf in my Mom’s garage where we keep the mens’ balls on the shelf. 

    I totally cracked up when I read this cause this has been a long running joke in our family.

    By ^starshine on 2006 06 13

  10. Balls in a jar?  Eww.

    As far as dropping a few balls (the other kind), sometimes you just have to do the best you can!

    By JC on 2006 06 13

  11. Oh girl…I am in the ball pit. Saturday at 1:30 I look at our bulletin board (because I’m so organized like that) in the kitchen and realize my next door neighbor’s bridal shower for her son’s fiancee is in 30 minutes. I have both kids with me, the hubby’s working, and I have no gift. So I called her and once again sealed my fate of lameness. Let’s not talk about the baby gifts I have yet to buy.

    By Jamie on 2006 06 13

  12. Thanks for reminding me I still have to get a wedding present for a friend.  (The gal who sang at MY wedding…)  If I remember right, she got married it January, and I have yet to even send a CARD.  Oops.

    By Holly on 2006 06 13

  13. heeeheee!  It’s good that the men know who’s in charge.

    I’m laughing at your Flickr photo—middle finger one. We have sooo many pics of me like that. Ahhhh… great minds!

    By Marie on 2006 06 14

  14. Marie, I had to put it in the friends-and-family area because I decided maybe that’s not the professional face I want out there.

    It was a lovely photo, though, yes? We do have great minds. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 06 14

  15. Hey Girlie!  You have a lot going on (which could be a bad thing but it’s not) and you are a very nice / caring person.  Dropping a few balls here and there is all ok.  People that are around you and love you all understand smile
    Summer is almost here.  When all the school end stuff is done, you will be handling “balls” differently!  hee hee..  You are going to have a great time, a great summer!

    By Kerry on 2006 06 15