The Real Stories

Apr 23, 2008


I’m postponing today’s scheduled post. You’ll understand after you read these:

Catherine replies on behalf of all mommy bloggers to those who hate.

Erin talks about journalism and mommy blogger perception an the power of Web 2.0 after being blocked by a “techie”.

The always amazing Jenny makes me spit out hot coffee when reading her recap of Puerto Rico and promises (Vowes even) to have a drink with me the next time I get to Houston. (That last part isn’t in the post itself, unless you read really closely, like Divinci code, in between the lines where it says, “Leslie? You and I are going for Margaritas the next time you come to Houston”. Didn’t you see that?)

On Blissfully Domestic I post about the diets I’ve been on.

Anne gives us a glimpse in to her daughter Emma’s insight.

And finally, as we all watch and listen, we find out the power of the media and how we have the impact to change the nation. And probably, the world.


  1. Check the blog again.  Last comment.  We’re on like Donkey Kong.

    Is Donkey Kong still on?

    By Jenny, Bloggess on 2008 04 23

  2. Had to say Hi b/c I’ve been oh so absent.  This post is too much for me this late but did skim down to the sweater.  Get rid of it…I’ve got several in my closet just like that!  Ugh.  Also like what you’ve done with Mamas Pod…looks good!  I can’t keep up with the INTERNET!  Ahhhh…

    By Bridget on 2008 04 24

  3. What is with all the mommy blog haters and stealers as of late? Is there nothing better to focus on then women writers? Grrrrrr.

    By Kat on 2008 04 24

  4. Every so often the media gets bored and picks on mommy bloggers for fun. Kinda like putting firecrackers up a cat’s butt just to see what happens. They’ll move on to something else soon…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 04 24