The Uncool Post

May 01, 2008

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How cool is it to talk about how you can’t talk? Or blog about your Not Blogging? Or talk about how busy you are at work but can’t talk about Work Stuff?

If a blog post posted with nothing on it would anyone read it?

Let’s find out.

Things are, in a gigantic understatement, both busy, wonderful, and terrifying. I find myself buckling under stress put on by my own self and challenging myself to push through it. It’s a wonderful scary combination of personal growth, professional growth and change.

I have my weak moments. I have my strong moment. I’ve cried in the coffee shop because of an IIS server and I’ve laughed out loud with Karen as we tackle jobs together.

My children are changing as much as I am. They’re growing and learning and becoming their own people. LB now has the most hilarious things coming out of her mouth instead of the tantrums, hissyfits and grunts (we still have plenty of drama, to be sure) and Baby O is nearing One Year.

Wait, what? One Year?


It’s a time of change and growth here. Some of it hurts. I’m learning how much I can promise and how frustrated I am when I can’t keep those promises. I’m learning that my eldest daughter is a little girl now, complete with stories and songs and the ability to help empty the dishwasher. I’m learning that my son is growing in to a toddler, complete with sign language and walking.

Yes. That’s right. Walking.

It’s only a few very short weeks or days now as he’s taken to standing and moving his feet on his own. In some circles that’s called walking.

I call that What The Hell NO NO NO.


Change is inevitable. I’m not sure I’m ready.


  1. I remember when my child was teenie and he would attempt to walk.  I would place him back down on his hiney until he turned exactly 11 mos and 29 days old. =)  I was NOT lettin THAT happen b4 I was ready.

    The rest = notsomuch.  I’m losing the battle and fast.  They grow up in a hurry *heavy sigh*

    By Darla on 2008 05 01

  2. That is too cute.
    I lurv this post about nothing grin I’ve been feeling that, I think we all feel that at times. I’m still here.. well, I’ve been gone but we’ve been sicky sick and it’s just sad.
    Sorry about the walking, it is heartbreaking isn’t it. So hard to see but so much fun, too.

    By rachel on 2008 05 01

  3. I’m never ready for change, so I’m right behind ya there!!  But he looks so big!!  Wow.  Time really does fly!  I still can’t believe mind just turned 2&3;.  It’s insane!  It really is!

    By Sadie on 2008 05 01

  4. Is it possible that he gets cuter every single day? 

    Bubby just started walking last week. On Saturay he took his first step and by Wednesday he was walking a majority of the time. Blows my mind.

    By A (RWB) on 2008 05 01

  5. Really?  He’s WALKING??

    Didn’t you just have him?


    By Angella on 2008 05 01

  6. WALKING? BEFORE 1? I’m sorry.

    I was shocked when Bacon did that one week to the day after his 1st birthday. We still laugh because he just got up and took off and hasn’t looked back since.

    Now if the little guy would just learn to sleep alone….

    You are good on that one though? Right? Right? I am the only idiot that let their kid sleep with her.

    By Faith on 2008 05 01

  7. No, No, No!  Didn’t he get the memo that his admirning public isn’t ready for him to grow up?

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 05 02

  8. I’m liking the chunky monkey look and SO want to pinch those cute little knees of his, gently…of course!

    By Liz on 2008 05 02

  9. If I move to Seattle can I be your assistant?

    By Christine on 2008 05 02

  10. How precious is that?

    By MGM on 2008 05 02

  11. Look at your little man!!! He has grown up so fast. he is so adorable. I can’t wait to see him!!!

    By sister flinger on 2008 05 02

  12. No way. Wasn’t he just born like, last week?!

    By Renee on 2008 05 03

  13. OH MY!  The chubbly knees are almost too much to resist!  SO CUTE!

    Yes, change is inevitable, but also exciting.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 05 03

  14. Growing way too fast over there!  Soon he’ll be running - that’s what my boys did!

    Go with the flow and hold on, change can be good sometimes, too (in ALL things)!

    By Carrie on 2008 05 03

  15. walking? alone? man my kid is behind!

    missed you!

    By Dawn S. on 2008 05 03

  16. Oh yeah… that’s how it happens. And then every time you think you have everything safely out of reach, they manage to foil you.

    Best of luck!
    Blog hopping,

    By Tracy on 2008 05 03

  17. When you cry in the coffee shop, do they at least give you free coffee?

    By Friglet on 2008 05 04

  18. The post was definitely NOT UNCOOL. 

    A crashed IIS server - now THAT’S UNCOOL (especially when rebooting it 17 times has not helped any).

    Loved that shot - the smirk is PERFECT>

    By MamaGeek on 2008 05 05

  19. that kid’s cut but your kitchen is to die for!

    By The Nester on 2008 05 05

  20. OH MY GOD THE WOBBLY THIGHS!!! Bring him down to Portland, would you? Please?

    By Wacky Mommy on 2008 05 05