The Wind and The Rain

Jun 16, 2008


It’s amazing how a few days of sunshine will wash away literally weeks of shit-storm. How a few sunny mornings where the alarm goes off, the children remain in their bed, your husband is next to you softly breathing and the birds chirp pleasantries to each other can remove months of chill and dread and oppression. It reminds me of my husband’s response to the famous Sleepless In Seattle quote, “But it rains nine months of the year in Seattle,” which is, “Yup but you get three months off.”

Que late June.


So we enter the time of year where web feet start evolving back to toes and children giggle with sun in their eyes. Cheeks are pink from hiking and parents sit grouped in twos and threes on beach towels near the Sound. We hike. We BBQ. We ditch work and play tag near Bellingham Bay.


We forget about blogging, stats, the computer. It’s a simpler time. There may be a writing journal.


Most likely there won’t be.

But there are smutty magazines. And bikes. And sand.


It’s a time for forgetting what day of the week it is, for forgetting your phone and for sunning in the backyard. It’s time for posting Brutally Honest Monday on late Tuesday. :: cough :: And for reading good books with a glass of wine and for working late in to the evening jamming to the sounds of good tunes watching the sun set.


It’s time to forget the wind and the rain and enjoy today.

We love it here

I hope you enjoyed today.


  1. Oh, I bet the weather there is gorgeous! It’s steaming hot here and I said I wouldn’t complain about the heat, so I won’t. But I’ll just say this, it’s not fun being outdoors unless there’s a pool involved. I hope the rain stays away from you for a while!

    By Renee on 2008 06 17

  2. We’re having the kind of day that would be perfect in mid-April.  Big fluffy clouds and mid-60’s.


    By Ree on 2008 06 17

  3. Ooooooooh, I am still so sad to have missed you guys. But look at those cutie pies!!!! I am glad you enjoyed the sunshine, I am just hoping it’s not all over—and that it wasn’t my last chance to see you in Bham. I will drag my kiddos to your neck of the woods one of these days soon… xo (good luck with the work, obviously not going well for me this morning as I am still commenting instead of working but your posts are too fun)

    By single supermama on 2008 06 17

  4. Most importantly- smutty magazines.

    By Paloma on 2008 06 18