Things that happen in thirty days

Sep 04, 2009

1. The moon waxes and wanes and makes a complete circle around the earth.

2. Women bleed.

3. You can fail at the thirty day challenge.


4. And Mrs. Flinger Finally Gets Around To Her Post-BlogHer BrewHAHA post.


First, I want to say a huge, gigantic, fabulous, big, wonderful shoutout to Johnson and Johnson for their fabulous give-away. I was one of the lucky winners in the BlogHer Travel Sweepstakes. I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without them. The contacts there are so wonderfully kind and helpful and I just need to shout out to J&J with a huge big HOWDYHO! And thank you. From a most humbled me.

Second I want to say a grateful thank you to The Queen Of Spain and Aaron for letting us ransack their room with our piles of swag boxes and to all the people who helped (and many many more!).

Instead of recapping in a play-by-play fashion, I’ve been gnawing on an overview in my head since the flight home a month ago. I’ve been sorting out the details looking for the big picture, trying not to get too bogged down in the WHO and the WHERE. I enjoyed my time with so many people, both new friends and old friends. And since most everything has already been said about the swag, parties, mommy blogging, I have no need to rehash any of it because in the end, it’s what you take out of the conference that sticks with you…

...Even thirty days later.

The Big Picture
I spent a lot of time walking around Chicago with Amanda, my friend from work.  She is smart, funny, a potty mouth, and I love her for all of it. Her perspective kept me grounded, focused. She writes. We talked about writing versus blogging. We talked about the depth of relationships and “the game” of blogging. In the end I realized where my priorities were shifting and how it was effecting relationships that I cared about, my job, my home life, my children.

Me and @amandamagee

My time with her was invaluable. I learned as much, or more, about blogging and my own intrinsic value simply from wandering Chicago with one of BlogLand’s most amazing, underground, bloggers.

The Love Fest

I’ve been blogging since August 2003. I’ve been in the community for a long long time. This provides time to meet, love, and admire people from WAY WAY back in, like, 2004. (!) In blog years, which are similar to dog years, that’s about twenty-five decades or roughly the time it takes to figure out what you want to do with your life.

And then you realize they are people.

Great people.

And they love you back.

Jen is one such loveliness.

@jennui1 is my just simply lovely

Schmutzie and her Palinode are long-time blog loves as well. And I simply adore them both with the flame of a thousand binary suns. As fellow web geeks, well spoken and down-right hilarious, they are a cozy hug in the middle of a conference of strangers. They are home.

Yea, I love her this much.

Way way back in 2004, I read Busy Mom and just about died the first time she commented on my site. BUSYMOM, YO! And then she got twitter and made me laugh daily with her quick-wit hidden messages. (“Omeonsay Eedsnay Acationvay Omfray Ossbay”)

And finally, Finally, after all these years, I sat on her lap and followed her around like a pup.

ZOMG That's busymom!

It’s almost strange to me that I’ve never met Karen. Is that possible? That I’ve never actually MET her until this summer? We’ve worked together for two years now and have talked on the phone maybe a billion times but my first hug with the lovely lady that is so beautiful inside and out only happened this summer. And it was wonderful.

Megan is another phone-buddy of mine and someone I consider a “real life” friend. This is our third conference together but it feels as though she lives here in my neighborhood. Or maybe I just wish she did.

Megan, Me and Karen


This year we had actual MEN at the conference! MEN! In a sea of women! It must’ve been heaven for them.

Or utter scary hell.

Either way, I had the opportunity to say hello to a friend. Maybe you heard of him? Chris Mann? He’s not totally hot or anything.




Matthew is just as fantastic in person as he is on twitter. And even if he, and his brother, are new crushes of mine, I have to admit, I have great taste.

Mathew (AKA: @childsplayx2) is f'ing awesome.

Theron is another boy that came to the Room 704 party. He is the president of People Pond and since we had a hard time calling him “Theron” we just referred to him as “Kent Cracker” because, comon, he’s so totally Clark Kent. Right?


New Loves

A surprising, wonderful, fabulous first time love of mine is Sleepy New Mommy. I FECKING LURVE HER. Obviously.


Also, I adored meeting Megan from Megan’s Minute. She was a breath of logical fresh air and fun.



I met so many people, did not take enough pictures, fell in to a stupor of love and overwhelmed dehydration, and took terrible notes. But I remember people, the ones who were kind, who I did not see enough of, who are lovely inside and out. And I hope to see them more, both online and off.

I can’t say enough about Lotus (whom I was almost killed by a car for whilst hugging until Amanda saved me) and my fellow 704 party throwers. They are my tribe. And I would not have survived without them.

And oh, so many more people that I adore. I’m so blessed to know so many great souls. Seriously wonderful people that can cut loose, cuss, drink, laugh, share, and be a genuine person, a friend, a love.

I am blessed in multitude for what this community, this blog, has brought me.

And I would never have it without you.

All of you.

Thank you.

(For better recaps, see these lovely womenz that I had the joy of meeting in person and who say something nice about me. I pay them.)
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Jodifur (who was a complete JOY to meet, a highlight for sure!)
Amazing Grace

And maybe yours, too, but I’m godawful at checking stats. GODAWFUL, I say. See also: paying bills. But that’s another story for another day.


  1. Dude! I started my blog in August 2003 too! Holla!

    By cindy w on 2009 09 04

  2. wow just wow sounds and looks like an amazing time!

    By Georgie on 2009 09 04

  3. Yay, i’m glad to see your back. I stopped by to see the happenings the past couple of days but it wouldn’t load.
    The new layout is lovely.
    It is so nice to see the connections that can be made through blogging. I am fairly new to the blog “scene” but am amazed at the connections that are made.  I’m still finding my way around, figuring things out and have re-invented myself once because my first blog just wasn’t me.  It was started to promote my Etsy…now I just dig bogging for blogging sake (but still the Etsy thing too). 
    I dig your blatant honesty about life on your blog. I still hold back for my moms sensitive nature and all.
    You rock.
    Um, that’s all I wanted to say…put a couple beers in me and I get all chatty.

    By Lynn on 2009 09 04

  4. Lynn, I just made out with your comment. Thank you. You came at just the crucial moment wherein I was thinking, “SDIFO:EIR:SLDKFJ” about my blog.

    So I lick you back. Also, a few beers in me? I get chatty, too. XO

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 09 07

  5. {{smiling}}

    I love how you live life at FULL TILT!

    You’re six shades of cute…and then some! 


    By Robin ~ Pensieve on 2009 09 07

  6. What’s weird is I was instantly comfy with you even though we’ve never met before.  All I wish is that we had more time to hang.  We were both so stupidly busy. 
    Must. come. visit.

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 09 07

  7. Girl, your thirty day list cracked me up!

    By A Girl on 2009 09 08

  8. Hehehe! Glad I could help. =)

    By Lynn on 2009 09 08

  9. Aaahhhh, I posted that I would join you on your 30 day adventure however, 30 days and even your mother can fail the “no wine” too. Right back atcha. (I love my TX wine)

    By Omaflinger on 2009 09 08

  10. Meeting you, loving you, and inappropriately touching you was a freakin’ HIGHLIGHT to BlogHer and knowing we can pick right up next time I see you is even awesomer. 


    By jenB on 2009 09 08

  11. That photo was shortly after you beat the crap out of me when we first met. It’s why I like you so much.  So great to meet you!

    (And I’m so much better looking than my brother. For the record.)

    By Matthew on 2009 09 11

  12. Thank you for the lovely words.  Smooches!

    By jodifur on 2009 09 12