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Oct 06, 2006

#Good News

We’re getting the We-Haul today. We’re loading it up while LB sleeps tonight and then finishing up a few bits tomorrow. Look for us swerving in a large U-Haul up the I5 corridor on Sunday yelling cusswords and demonstrating true white trash values. (read: unknowingly cutting off people, blaring the AM radio, drinking copious amounts of mountain dew.) We return to our tiny rented townhouse on Wednesday to clean and visit a few people before we leave town for good. I can’t tell you what this is doing to my emotions. I’m happy! I’m scared! I’m running around packing like a run away whore! I’m sitting on my ass doing designs because I’m in denial! I’m over using exclamation marks! AND CAPS!

LB is being adorable and wonderful and making me so much more teary than necessary. We pull up to our little townhouse, the only home she remembers now, and says, “We’re HOME!” Then doesn’t understand why I start bawling. “Mommy sad?” she’ll ask. “no no, I’m fine. I’m happy. See? Happy tears!” I’m not so good at lying.

It was a decision we made six years ago. We discussed this thoroughly. It’s time. It’s a dream come true, in some ways, and a bitter sweet ending in others. Today when I loaded LB in to the car, she asked for Luke? Rebekah? Jelly Belly? Traci? I cried again. I don’t want her to forget them. I don’t want her to not know who they are. They’ve been such a huge part in her little life, all two years of it, and I can’t imagine her not asking for them.

The cheesy line is that friends come and go in your life like tides in the ocean. I’ve never liked that saying. Aside from the gagging bile I feel when cheesy statements like these are made, I also hate the thought of losing something so valuable. Someone my daughter grew up with. Someone she watched learn to walk and, consequently, did so herself. Someone she giggles so hard with, hugs, kisses, and asks for.  At nearly two, my daughter has what some people wish and hope for. A friend. And it’s my lifelong hope for her that she will never be without her friend JB. We love you.

*Please excuse the very cheesy, very teary, very cute video I made. These girls have been friends since they were tiny tad poles, or Lima Beans and Jelly Beans, as the case may be, and how could I post about it without something to make you cry? For all posterity, then, I give you a very large file, about five minutes long video, “A tribute to Jelly Belly.”


  1. oh so now I’m crying over here!  I was just stealing blog links from your site on your link page too!  I added Jelly Belly and Paige’s to mine now.  Have a safe drive!  I gotta go grab some tissues!

    By Beckik on 2006 10 06

  2. okay, I’m back again.  It can not be left unsaid how precious that video was!  Did I mention I’m crying? Those two will always share a bond and someday make move to be near each other again!

    By Beckik on 2006 10 06

  3. Awwwww!! That was great!!! Ya know what hit me about half way through it? They look like little Leslie and little Traci hanging out! Too cute (and thanks, I’m all teary now…) wink

    By Erin on 2006 10 06

  4. What an adorable, touching video. You can tell they’re just like sisters. And, Beckik is right, they will always share a very special bond.

    Good luck with the move!

    By Colleen on 2006 10 06

  5. Wow!  That is so sweet, I had to keep wiping my eyes.  I have to get that file! LB, thank you for being such a good friend to Jelly Belly (and us too)!  We’ll miss you a bunch, and I know Jelly Belly will miss you all too.

    Thanks L for such an awesome tribute!

    Jelly Belly’s Dad

    By traci on 2006 10 06

  6. OK, first off let me grab some tissue to wipe my eyes.  I can’t stop crying. 

    Les, you are a wonderful person and I am so thankful that you have let us into your lives as much as you all have become part of ours! 

    Thank you for such a beautiful clip!  Our girls are darling and I am very heartbroken that these two girls will be separated by distance only.  I hope that our girls stay in contact and look forward to seeing each other as much as we do as mommies! 

    Ok, I must go watch this clip again.  Thank you Les.  I love ya!

    By traci on 2006 10 06

  7. Oh wow, what an awesome video Leslie! I have no doubt that you and Traci will not let the friendship between the girls or yourselves slip away. Miles can not separate friendships like that!

    By Paige on 2006 10 06

  8. ahhh now that was the sweetest video..*sniff*sniff*...the friendship will never fade away smile its too strong!

    Have a safe move, safe drive and happy unpacking! Now that the time has really come to say goodbye(moving states and all that), I really wish we would have hung out more when you lived here..go figure :( (((hugs)))

    By Bree on 2006 10 06

  9. Oh my goodness!  What a touching video.  I can’t imagine how hard moving away from the JB’s must be.  ( btw I watched the video 3 times…I feel like I’m moving, too!  Bah!)

    By Charla on 2006 10 06

  10. I totally thought of a mini you and Traci with that picture out in the field! That was a awesome video of Miss LB and Miss JB. You guys are lucky to have each other. Just remember - theirs always webcam (Ry loves that).

    Have a great moving trip!

    By Nicole on 2006 10 06

  11. *cute*

    By christine on 2006 10 07

  12. *SNIFFLE*  Oh, my what cuteness abounds!  It’s so sweet that they have had each other as friends for the whole of their little lives. I know they will both always remember it, and LB will find even MORE great little buddies in her new home - I promise!

    Good luck in the move.  We’ll all be thinking good karma moving vibes.  You MUST let us know how it went, and how you are, and what’s up in the new environs.  I truly hope it is a new start to your dream!

    By Katie Kat on 2006 10 07

  13. P.S.  Of course, she and Jelly Belly will keep this friendship going forever, by the way.  Distance doesn’t change some things!

    By Katie Kat on 2006 10 07

  14. Even I, Queen Stone-Cold, am crying now.  That was so beautiful.  I hope your two families are able to visit and keep in touch and keep the love alive!

    By Claire on 2006 10 07

  15. Do you know how impossible it is to watch that beautiful video and NOT cry?!? That is the sweetest thing ever. I hope you all stay in touch and I’m sure you will. You’re so lucky to have such a close and special friendship! Good luck moving girly. We’ll be thinking of you!

    By Jamie on 2006 10 07

  16. Look, it’s not like you are moving to TEXAS for crissakes…ya’ll will find a way to see each other and your kids will play and grow and really, what’s a litte physical distance between real friends? aint nothing but a thang. Drink some mountain dew for me, I love that crap.

    By texasbelle on 2006 10 07

  17. Beautiful video!  I echo other’s sentiments that distance doesn’t have to change LB’s and JB’s friendship (or yours as mommies!)

    Hoping for a smooth transition as you move…

    By AmyM on 2006 10 07

  18. So sweet! Lucky LB to have such a friendship so early in life, it’ll stick with her forever.

    By Sarah on 2006 10 08

  19. So sentimental! Good luck!

    By Sara on 2006 10 08

  20. Awww, what a beautiful video!  How did you have time to make that with all of the packing you had to do?!  I’m impressed!

    By Ficklechick on 2006 10 08