This qualifies me as a virgin… in some circles…


Today I finally cashed in on a gift I received back at the start of January.


I’ve never had a professional massage in my life. Hell, I only spell “MASSAGE” correctly about ten percent of the time. Usually I have it on a wish list as a “Message” and people gloss over it with a flushed face wondering what kind of “Full Body Message” I could possibly mean. (Porn, obviously.) So, one fateful and delicous day back in January, I opened up a care package full of the most delicious cookies and brownies, some random pieces of love, and a pregnancy massage from my good friend Laura.

Sweet Jesus, I may be indebted forever.

So, as it is, I got my massage-cherry popped today. I may become a regular paying customer. Does that make me a massage-whore?

-- Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

Posted: 4/8/2007

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