Too close to home

I was in meetings all morning at work. I was fired up about some frustrating blockers about my seemingly important work of moving bits and bytes around on various screens.

Then I saw an email from one of my closest friends that her niece and nephew’s school had a major shooting today.

They have her nieces but her nephew is still missing.

Now, look, I know that it’s all the way in Connecticut and I live all the way here in Seattle. But V’s son and my son are great buds. They go to schools a few miles apart. My son has played with her nephew, the one missing right now. So no, I do not think “there’s nothing to worry about, it’s not here, Leslie. It’s ok,” which is what people keep trying to tell me when they see my watery eyes looking lost at the office.

I believe there is a thousand reasons to run home and grab my children, and her children, and huddle together.

It’s not ok. Not until they find her Nephew and he is safe and EVEN THEN it is not ok. Nothing about this is ok.

So please, please, please keep V and her family in your thoughts and prayers. I know there’s a ton of support out there already waiting and watching with her but please add yours.

From one mom to every mom out there and to a particular one with whom I’ve shared wine and laughter with, who now waits to hear where her son is, mygod I feel for you. And that’s not even enough.

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