Tootsie Rolls and Scones: My new diet

Nov 13, 2005

#Weght Loss and Body Image

So, here’s the new plan. I am, for the love of Pete, going to lose this baby weight. Eff fat belly. Eff round face. Eff tight ass jeans. Eff it all. But.. I love chocolate! And scones! And lattes! But, whilst I do love these things, I am also very very brilliant.

I am to be good five days a week. Good meaning at night, when I really really want something chocolate and yummy, I can have a tootsie roll. Those hard chocolates, chewy as tar, are perfect for making the jaw tired and the hormones think they’ve visited the chocolate god. It’s a theory. One I have to stick to.

Sundays are now known as Sconeday. Sunday mornings will be my own scone a week (should I want one) and my gingerbread latte with the morning paper. That is, if I’ve been good all week, I get a Scone on Sconeday.

Now, the question remains (and will be found out, mind you) if being good all week and bad one scone will allow me to fit into my jeans or sit without seeing my thighs squish. I’m outlining a plan for working out five days a week as well, so I’m hoping between the new “diet” and the new workout plan, I should, by March 2006, be down the remaining fifteen pounds.

Just in time to get pregers for number two. Damnit. Oh well. At least next time around, I can start at my goal weight.


  1. good freaking’ luck! I’ve kinda glommed on to the latte bandwagon lately, something about the weather change I guess. guzzzZZZzzzzzzzz. and I’m skipping the gym this week too (Lily was sick last week) so therefore I hope to gain <at least as a minimum my optimum> preggo weight, Wish me luck.


    By texasbelle on 2005 11 13

  2. Great plan!  I like the scone idea.  No need to give up all your guilty pleasures…just limit them!  I like it.  Might have to steal your plan.

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 11 13

  3. Pssst… those chocolate Viactiv Multi-Vitamin chews are *very* similar to Tootsie Rolls.  smile

    Make sure you have a plan in place for the holidays though - that’ll get ya.

    By lanna on 2005 11 13

  4. Sounds like a good plan!  Good luck with that!

    By Holly on 2005 11 13

  5. Forgot to mention that yup, I’m one of those that joined a gym to lose weight to get pregnant again (a little unexpectedly, but still).  At least I’m still going to the gym, usually.  Gives me a little extra energy (and I need all I can) to attempt to keep up with the crazy toddler.

    By lanna on 2005 11 14

  6. Obviously I need to park my treadmill next to yours.  EFF.

    By RB on 2005 11 14

  7. Wooooo well I just found out that I am indeed NOT pregnant (we go through this about every three weeks or so, haha) and now we’re thinking about a good old vasectomy. YAY! Not that having another kid would be so bad, crazy, yes, bad no. I just don’t think I could be the insane, hormonal pregnant lady ever again. And that baby fat? Um I don’t think it’s ever completely lost. Not unless you’re some huge actress who magically melts back into her former self at only 3 weeks postpartum. How do they do that???

    By candice on 2005 11 14

  8. This sounds like a great plan! Good luck!

    By denise on 2005 11 14

  9. good luck!  I love the idea of Sconeday!

    By Amy_M on 2005 11 14

  10. yeah, if my family would just get healthy so I could go to the gym…I’d totally be there!  (until i had some other lame excuse).  and no worries about baby #2 fat, just continue your exercise and healthy habits into the next pregnancy, and you’ll be fine!

    By Little Miss on 2005 11 14

  11. Candice, it’s called a million bucks and a personal trainer. wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 14

  12. Yup, or a C-lift (combo c-section and belly-lift/tummy-tuck).

    By lanna on 2005 11 15

  13. Dang.. I wish *I* could have that. I mean, they’re going IN there agin next time.. just suck some out when you are down dragging out the kid!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 15

  14. Good luck, Les!  That is a good plan. I am seriously lacking in will power lately. Seriously. UGH!

    By Marie on 2005 11 15

  15. I like Sconeday.  Cute.  Good luck on the plan.  I so need to get onto a plan of some sort.  Time is too short.

    By traci on 2005 11 15

  16. How’s that workin’ for ya?  Right about now, I, too, am wishing that I had one of those scales you & Mr. Flinger & I dreamed up.  It’s amazing how 2 measly little pounds can make you feel like a frickin’ ELEPHANT.  More power to ya, sista!  My plan is more water, more veggies, and the newly discovered PRINGLES 100 CALORIE PACKS (yes, doing a little happy dance here - hey, maybe it’ll burn off a few of those 100 calories)!!!  Oh, yeah… and get my arse back in the pool.  It’s really odd how I can’t just eat whatever I want when I’m no longer in tri-training mode!  BUGGA!  Good luck gals… at least we’re all in it together!

    By Water Girl on 2005 11 16

  17. Well.. Let’s just say that I had two tootsie rolls last night and two cups of decaf with creamer and that’s a “good” night. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 16