Aug 14, 2006

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(Thank you to everyone for their well wishes for a lasting pregnancy. I’m four weeks. And I got two weeks “free.” Only 36 more to go (oy)!)

I’ve only had bad experiences with ebay. I don’t get ebay. I think I’m a competent person with a good head on her shoulders and a nice knack for shopping. But when it comes to ebay, I ride the short buss. And y’all, that’s just PURCHASING. Now I need to sell our crap and I’m like the novice poker player sitting in a room of smoke and beer saying things like, “Uh. I have a bunch of red. Does that win something?” Damn clueless.

For starters, we have to sell our 36 inch flat screen TV, our sofa, a washer and dryer set, a full mattress and frame. We have a computer, 156 CDs (all listed in Excel per Mr. Geeky Flinger), and a ton of books and Mac World magazines.

We take Visa. We’ll take anything. Anyone want some?

So, friends, countrymen, fellow Internet peeps, what should I do? I refuse to by “ebay for dummies” because 1. It costs MONEY to buy and 2. I am NOT a dummy. Well, I am, but come on. It’s EBAY. I’ll list my local stuff on Craig’s list (I am so not paying shipping on this TV) and make everyone else pay shipping on the CDs and such. But is there a better website for cds? What do I ask? What about all our little crap?

Oh my god, I’m going to have a hernia before this moving deal is over, aren’t I? Do they sell preparation H on ebay? Maybe that would be a nice investment.


  1. Hey!  I do have a friend who is an ebay wiz if you are looking for help.  Like all the right wording and how to budget so the person is paying for shipping and paypal fees and stuff.  I actually sold my powerbook that was DEAD for $300 on ebay and the process was pretty simple.  Let me know if you want help!

    By Marjorie on 2006 08 14

  2. I’ve wanted to sell too but there seems so much to do to put one thing up.  I would take the tv if we were closer.  Good luck! I hope you get rid of everything in time!

    By Beckik on 2006 08 14

  3. I’ll take the TV and the PC.
    No charge, right?
    For a buddy.

    By Renee on 2006 08 14

  4. I used to sell all my old CDs on half.com.  I think they’ve been purchased by Ebay now, but they still have their own website… sort of. I think the process for selling is a bit easier than Ebay. I always just marked my price a couple cents under the next lowest price and they always sold. Just make sure to be very honest about the quality of the CD (scratches, etc.) and jewel case. There are some anal people out there who have different perceptions of “good” quality than you might. I used to describe every single scratch and crack I could find. The same website is great for selling books too. Much better than selling to a used book store.

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2006 08 14

  5. I never had much luck with selling on E-bay and after getting stiffed a few times, I gave up last year.  Don’t even bother with it at all anymore.

    Good Luck though!

    By JakesGirl on 2006 08 14

  6. I think ebay has an area of questions and answers for beginning sellers.  I’d look there.

    Other than that, good luck!  I tried selling some stuff on Ebay and it was a pain in the ass!  People email you constantly with the stupidest questions.  They’re the one’s on the short bus!  wink

    By Ficklechick on 2006 08 14

  7. Ebay is easy. Just set up a paypal account, mark you item as local pickup only (for those you don’t want to ship - otherwise charge $3 - $4 for CD’s and send them media mail), fill in your info for your item and Viola! You have your item listed!

    I will be around during the day everyday if you need anything (yahoo at work now! WoohoO!)

    By Nicole on 2006 08 14

  8. Congrats on the new babe! Such a shame that you are moving….I am 6 weeks pg and also have a toddler girl in P-town….we should have had playdates!

    By Kirsten on 2006 08 14

  9. Oh - one more thing - books and music too I believe is even easier since you just have to enter the isbn on the back (barcode) and it fills in everything for you. Hey I have sold a lot on there - when I want things like my Dyson that G won’t let me buy!

    By Nicole on 2006 08 14

  10. I’ve seen those “I’ll Sell Your Stuff on Ebay” stores around here too.  They’re popping up everywhere these days.  Watch the 40-Year-Old Virgin.

    By BrandiB on 2006 08 14

  11. Congrats.  Moving, gawh.  Makes you want to become a minimalist huh?  I have not a clue, but I hate ebay as well.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 08 14

  12. What kind of computer? TV? How much. Could you email me, I am very interested.

    By KristinaB on 2006 08 14

  13. Just wanted to say I’m right there with ya on the ebay idiot factor!  I only tried it once, just to kind of play around and be all “cool”.  Ya know, I just wanted to raise my imaginary internet plackard thingy and then have someone else outbid me.  But, ummmm, it didn’t so much happen that way and I bid on something I really didn’t want.  I also really didn’t understand the bidding process… isn’t it like a REAL auction?  I dunno!  So I ended up having to jump through all sorts of hoops to get out of it and apologize to the seller and it was so embarassing.  What a loser.

    Anyway, I just stick to my own territory now.  I kick ASS when I’m on my own turf!  smile

    P.S.  Congrats on the preggo-ness.  And good goin on bargaining it down two whole weeks!  I think they only offer that to BTDT (Been There Done That) moms!

    By Katie Kat on 2006 08 14

  14. When we were moving last, I took all our CDs to a local music store and they bought a lot of them for a decent amount of cash. The rest I took to a pawn shop and they bought a few more. I think we tossed the 5 or 6 left over.

    The Salvation Army is another great bet - they will come pick everything up, too! And give a receipt for tax purposes! Just make sure you also take pictures of everything, just in case you get audited. It helps.

    Whee! Let the fall cleanout begin! There’s nothing like moving to declutter one’s life.

    By Laura on 2006 08 14

  15. Never sold on ebay, but have been successful with craigslist.  Especially for your big items. Unfortunately, I have no problems buying on ebay!

    p.s. still want an elliptical trainer?  We have a uh, little-used one…can deliver once you live closer!

    By AmyM on 2006 08 14

  16. Look for a local Disc-Go-Round for those CDs. May not be as lucrative as eBay, but one trip to drop everything off and walk away with $$$ sounds a lot easier than setting up 156 different auctions, packaging and labelling 156 CDs, making 156 trips to the post office…

    By Daily Tragedies on 2006 08 14

  17. I’ve sold a lot of things on Ebay but tend to find I get more return for my buck (and can list it for “free” longer) on Amazon for the books and CDs.  I had outdated college textbooks I got rid of on Amazon for 40-50 bucks.  Not too shabby.  Not hard to do, seriously.

    By Sonia on 2006 08 14

  18. I too have had my own battles with Ebay.  Something there isn’t right but I cannot put my finger on it.

    Just when I think I understood it, I didn’t.  I had a store even.  I lost money b/c I was totally not getting it.

    By Piglet on 2006 08 14

  19. If you’re trying to get rid of some kid stuff (or do shopping for the new bean) - http://jbfsale.com/?fuseaction=home.subsites
    In Portland and Seattle.  I’m planning on getting rid of a few things that way this fall.  And craigslist was my only other ‘smart’ idea, although I’ve had better luck on ebay than craigslist (some people around here suck).  Or if you just want it the *bleep* gone, freecycle if you feel like dealing with that.  Good luck!

    By lanna on 2006 08 14

  20. I refuse to buy any book with the word “dummies” in the title. Others have already mentioned Amazon and half.com, so I don’t have anything else to contribute.  I don’t suppose you could have a yard sale.


    By mdvelazquez on 2006 08 15