Vacation, or rather, sitting-in-the-dark-starting-at-7-pm

Jul 02, 2006

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After several meltdowns, some coffee, traffic, and a whole lot of Elmo, we made it to Seattle. The SheChild, henceforth known as “Alien Possessed Cutest Little Shit On Earth,” was all spit and vinegar one minute and sunshine rays and butterflies the next today. It’s enough to push a lady, running on three and a half hours of sleep, to the brink. At one point there was screaming, tears, and throwing of things. Ahh, yes, just like the good ol’ days of post partum and the raging hormones running on sleep deprivations. Gawd, I’m just so sexy when I’m like that.

We decided, for the entire family, we should all go to the hotel and start resting at about 6pm. Maybe we’d eat dinner, bathe APCLSOE, lay her down and read our books or watch “The Daily Show” on my iPod. As she is wont to do, APCLSOE had other plans. It was “hahahah! I SEEEE you over there. Yes! YOU! Right there trying to pretend like I’m going to fall asleep while you do anything enjoyable. Well, forgetaboutit! I’m not! And, ohya, I shit again. HAHAHAH! Take THAT.”

If only she could talk, I swear to you this is verbatim.

So, another green poopy was changed, all lights, and all hopes of doing anything fun, were snuffed out and we are left to sit in the dark hoping not to wake the sleeping giant. I did some searching on suites with rooms we can close her off in, but I just can’t justify the additional 80 bucks a night. Although, according to Mr. Flinger, it’s worth it after tonight. And it might be even more worth it after APCLSOE goes grump tomorrow and we have many more meltdowns, many more tears, many more monkeys! many more beers! (that last part is brought to you by a mother reading “Hands Hands Fingers Thumb” one too many times.)

:: ahem ::

Anyone have a nice solution to the “we are in one room and the toddler will not sleep” issue? Aside, that is, from sticking her in the bathroom, which I considered but realized I might like to poo later. And that’s just gross.


  1. Aww, cranky tots for vacation is the pits!  Whenever we go out of town we let our son D stay up with us until we go to bed.  It’s way easier than the go-to-bed fight!!  Good luck and have fun!  smile ~J

    By jae on 2006 07 02

  2. Lean in really close so you can hear me…


    Cause with a suite you always get the little fridge so you can put in it the milk and juice the little knuckleheads require first thing in the morning.  Plus the little extra room it allows is also a Godsend.

    By starshine on 2006 07 02

  3. Wait, you don’t poo with your kid in the bathroom?

    I new I wasn’t normal.

    By Sarah on 2006 07 03

  4. The couple of times we’ve stayed in a hotel with B, we went for the suite.  I think I would have lost it otherwise because I know Brandon would not have slept with us in the room.  And starshine is right…the mini-fridge is a real bonus for the milk and not to mention the BEER for US!

    By Carolyn on 2006 07 03

  5. Get the suite….
    I barely remember our hotel-based vacations (the hotel part anyway) when the kids have their own sleeping quarters.  However, I am permanently scarred by the “stay up all night” horror story of the couple times we bunked together.
    Vacations are for mom and dad too, not just kids….treat yourself.  You will be happy you did!

    By Sonia on 2006 07 03

  6. Find a La Quinta Inn.  Their rooms are sort of suite-ish, but only cost as much as a regular room.  They were a lifesaver when we moved here.  They have a separate living room area with a half-wall that we set up the pack-n-play in.  While we still shut the lights until Abby went to sleep, she wasn’t able to see us so she actually fell asleep with no problems.  Once she was out, we booted up the computer and surfed (we were too scared to turn the tv on).

    By BrandiB on 2006 07 03

  7. Tried it both ways… suite/no suite. Ben won’t sleep in hotels PERIOD. So I have no advice for you! When we go to Disney, he ends up sleeping in bed with us and we go to bed early or he goes to bed late.  Bleh.

    By Erin on 2006 07 03

  8. I think the mother ship dropped the other APCLSOE here in Tennessee, only she’s 4.

    Please tell me it got better. I think after another night like that I’d seriously consider setting up the pack and play in the bathroom (if it will fit)..poo or no poo mama and daddy need to sleep.

    By Jamie on 2006 07 04

  9. It was beetter because *I* wasn’t here. I was out with Paige but the pooper and Mr. Flinger got to fight it out over the iPod.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 07 04

  10. When we were at Disneyland last year, we converted the nook with the desk and the closet into her spot for the Pack ‘n’ Play and hooked up a sheet as a divider so she couldn’t see us.  Had we been at a cheaper hotel than the Disneyland Hotel, though, we would have gone with the suite.

    By Mari on 2006 07 05

  11. My SIL started using vacation rentals by owner (vrbo.com). She says you can get a condo/house/ect for cheaper than a suite. She swears by it!

    By Calibelle on 2006 07 06

  12. THANK YOU THANK YOU .... am bookmarking now…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 07 06