WaY to kick me when I’m down, buddy. Nice.

May 17, 2006

So, you think you’re having a bad day because you open a new design business and someone hacks you. AGAIN. And then you are late, five days, but not pregnant and your daughter didn’t nap and you gained a pound and you’re all weepy and emotional and sad for no good reason.

And THEN there’s this baby at Starbucks, where you go late at night to fix said hacking, all in your sweats and glasses and all the people working are making a big stink about this baby. This little boy baby, who is cute I’ll grant you, but not YOUR baby. So you jokingly say to the guy who pronounced, “That’s the cutest baby ever!” that it is NOT cuter than YOUR baby.

And then he tells you it is. And that you’re a mother so you are skewed. And that your baby really isn’t all THAT cute.

What? WHAT?! Internet, remember how you thought your baby was just TO DIE FOR when she was first born and then you look back and you realize, “GASP! She’s not.. uh.. all that..”

Am I doing this? Tell me, Internet, please be honest. PLEASE be more honest than mr “I’m too hot for my 8 dollar an hour job” starbucks man. Is my daughter really not glamor gorgeous? Is she?


  1. What a JERK!!!  Kick his….ankles smile and tell him that YOUR baby is in the absolutely beautiful baby club and he needs to have his vision checked.  And although I only get to see LB in pics, she is getting cuter and cuter as the months go by.  Stupid Starbucks boy!!!

    By Marjorie on 2006 05 17

  2. She is beautiful! Though I fully admint there are babys out there that were cutier than Eli or Anna as little newbie babys wink I just didn’t think so at the time, but nwo I admit it.

    By Sarah on 2006 05 17

  3. Fark him.(notice the use of your new word!!!)  She’s freaking adorable and he’s an idiot with a penis.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 05 17

  4. Oh gosh, LB is GORGEOUS, Leslie! And she gets prettier and prettier!

    You could concede that he was the cutest little BOY baby ever, (though *I* might have to kick his butt over that claim) but he could never trump LB in the “Cutest Baby Ever” competition.

    By Erin on 2006 05 18

  5. er… Mrs. Flinger… (sorry! feel free to edit that!)

    By Erin on 2006 05 18

  6. Cutest (female) kid EVER… (yes, I have a boy) smile

    By Misha on 2006 05 18

  7. You’ve got one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! (in pictures)  She is beautiful.  Starbucks guy is a dumbass

    By Jan on 2006 05 18

  8. He’s a asshole and doesn’t know ANYTHING about cute babies!

    By brandi on 2006 05 18

  9. Are you sure that you didn’t post this at like 3 am after a night of drinking and snorting coke?

    By RB on 2006 05 18

  10. Of course she’s gorgeous! and precious & sweet and darling!

    Starbucks man needs to suck an egg!!! What a thing to say to a mother! He’s obviously not a parent. Butt-head.

    By Marie on 2006 05 18

  11. Tell him to shove it. She’s beautiful. He sucks.

    By speechjane on 2006 05 18

  12. She’s adorable.  Although… not cuter than my little fetus… wink

    By Becky on 2006 05 18

  13. LB is beautiful!  She has a gorgeous supermodel mouth.  It’s easy to see that she’s going to be a knockout when she’s a teenager.  You are so in trouble!

    By BrandiB on 2006 05 18

  14. I think you need to throw a hot latte on him next time. She’s gorgeous! And there is nothing more annoying than a kid all up in your face, cute or not, when you are in crisis “must get shit done” mode.

    By Jamie on 2006 05 18

  15. what kind of asshole would disagree with you about the cuteness factor of your own kid? Give me his number and I will kick his ASS. Serious. LB is awesome and I can tell you without even seeing the baby boy that she is tons cuter. The end.

    By texasbelle on 2006 05 18

  16. Well, duh, obviously she is the cutest ever! Did you even have to ask?!

    By Renee on 2006 05 18

  17. It took me until my first dd hit primary in Elementary school to realise (They were all lined up at the bus stop in the early morning all dewy, shiny, sparkly and cute!) that yes indeed children are beautiful ALL of them each in their own individual way.

    Now having said that LB is truly a gorgeous kid third only to my two!LOL!

    By Liesl on 2006 05 18

  18. Thanks, y’all. I kinda needed to hear something good ‘cause I swear I almost clocked the dude. Bastard. Oh, and for those of you waiting to hear, not prego.

    Campy, yes. Prego? no.

    Pass the wine, please. Smooch.

    By Mrs. FLinger on 2006 05 18

  19. Um…SO CUTE!

    By Isabel on 2006 05 18

  20. WHAT?! He can’t even, like, joke around with you? SERIOUSLY? I can’t imagine that anyone would ever say, “Well Actually, that baby IS cuter than yours.”
    Especially when we are talking about YOUR adorable baby.
    What ever happened to customer service anyway?
    It must be a starbucks thing. The last couple of times I went there I had incidents like that one (well ALMOST as bad as that one. )
    I luv ya.
    He’s an idiot.

    By Candice on 2006 05 18