1. At least they are not all boys! Good Luck!

    By Momma's Tantrum on 2008 07 03

  2. I love how Baby O is all “GAH!! TOO MANY GIRLS. HALP!”

    Y’all have a great time!

    By Jenny L on 2008 07 03

  3. ARGH!  Be careful, be very, very careful!

    And drink a LOT.

    By Christine on 2008 07 03

  4. Oh how funny. There is a baby sitting ON the TABLE!!! I see a recall.

    You guys are having so much fun. Good for you!!!!

    By omaflinger on 2008 07 03

  5. I love the baby on the table…classic! Just wishing those cases of Pepsi were beer for you! wink

    p.s. Wait I know the beer fairy…let me put in a call for you.

    By Jamie on 2008 07 03

  6. What better place to unwind than QFC! Don’t they have a masseuse there now for when you’re done shopping with the littles.

    By All Adither on 2008 07 03

  7. Ho-lee SNAP.  You guys are screwed.

    By VDog on 2008 07 03

  8. Did you stock up on Pepsi while you were there?

    By Adrienne on 2008 07 03

  9. Lol. You crack me up.  This is why my hubs and I only had 2. I am weak and know that they’d easily be able to take me down, lol.

    By Shannanb on 2008 07 04

  10. Oh my gosh. All that cuteness at one table!

    By Motherofbun on 2008 07 04

  11. I’ll be RIGHT THERE.  WITH BOOZE.  and LIMES.  and MUSIC.

    We shall do the safety dance.

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 07 04

  12. I think it’s time to recruit some help. Maybe restart the draft? Find some poor teenager who’s just looking to make some dough and put them to work…

    Or draft the hubby and make him take over for a few hours while you go for that massage mentioned earlier…hehe.

    By Vicki on 2008 07 07