Wedding Count Down

May 10, 2005

On a lighter note, I’m the Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding this weekend.

I’m having nightmares. It’s not even my wedding.


  1. ok what self tanner are you using?? stop using it..let the legs wash off…haha and use loreals sublime bronze self tanning gelee..medium deep..or darker..I started using that last summer..and I love it! it doesnt make you orange..it acutally looks tan..a friend of mine had been using it..and I was teasing her about how tan she looked and how it wasnt fair.and that I am so white…and yup, sure enough it was all by bottle! so I bought it! haha

    By Bree on 2005 05 10

  2. Les, you had me laughing so hard I’m crying.  That was definitely a good stress relief for me…and I need it…seeing that it’s four days until I get married!!!

    Ok, first…I do NOT have everything under control.  All those nifty little lists might LOOK like it’s all under control, but it’s all a facade.  I’m still freaking out on the inside.  The lists certainly help, don’t get me wrong, but I’m WAY too much of a control freak to let a few lists make me feel better.

    Second, I too have been orange.  Why do you think I spent $140 on tanning in the past two weeks?  Don’t worry, the orange will fade by Saturday.  Just keep exfoliating.

    Third, I’ve given up on being a skinny bride.  Ok, who am I kidding?  I’ve even given up on being in the healthy “average” range!  I’m just hoping that the fat that peaks out of my strapless dress is hidden by my veil!  And yes, after a few tanning sessions, tan fat does look better than white fat!  And about the belly issue, just do what I’m going to do…lower your bouquet to cover it up!  Problem solved!

    I’m just happy that you are going to stand up next to me when I marry my man.  I don’t care if you’re orange (and match the flowers).  I don’t care if you have a belly…you have a beautiful baby as an excuse!  And I just won’t look at your toes!  =)  And no worries, there are no columns to break, so you’re safe!  Seriously, Les, I’m just glad you’re going to be next to me while I’m freaking out being the center of attention!

    By paigeocora on 2005 05 10

  3. kiss Thanks, Paige-O. I promise to shave my armpits.

    That, I think I can manage.  blank stare

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 05 10

  4. Yes Sublime bronze I agree! I have a bottle from last summer and it still looks the same when I put it on. -KELLI

    By kelli on 2005 05 10

  5. How awesome is Paige?  That was a sweet response.  And I feel I have nothing to add to that as she has calmed all your fears.

    That being said, make sure your dress isn’t tucked into your pantyhose.

    By RB on 2005 05 10

  6. I am sure you’ll both look fine- and if LB is around, she’ll probably steal the show anyhow, as she is such a cutie in her little wedding outfit that you posted on your family site!

    By Holly on 2005 05 11

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the wedding, Mrs. Flinger, and meeting LB!  Paige, I JUST saw you last weekend and you looked great.  There’s something about the wedding dress and veil on that make you feel pretty darn good about yourself…even if you usually avoid being center of attention!
    As for being orange, as long as you don’t look like Ross from that Friends spray-on tan episode, I think you’ll be okay!

    By Amy_M on 2005 05 11