Well, hello again!

Mar 04, 2006

#Rants and Raves

Hi! I’m back from my visit to psychosis! How are you?

Let’s not talk about the brief visit to mental breakdown or the fun time I had in snappyourheadoff-ville. Or about the time I had two beers and fell asleep during


LOST.  Instead, I’ll show you my burned noodles (via request) and tell you a little bit ‘bout the obscure post.


  1. Could you add in a roof allowance i.e.- a certain amount that would be stuck on to the mortgage but would actually be used to repair the roof, not given to you?  That seemed to be the thing in our area although, I only saw it for house painting and re-carpeting.

    By Becky on 2006 03 05

  2. Yea, that’s what we’re going to do for the next sale. We already took 5k off for a roof but this lady wants 8k off for a roof that costs 6k. Hrm. So we’re putting it in the description for next time around.

    Guess you gotta learn as you go, hu. I never realized this until .. yesterday? grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 03 05

  3. Ah, damn roof. I’m so sorry! But you’re right. Now you don’t have to add “packing and moving” to your long to-do list for March. But man that sucks.

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2006 03 05

  4. Damn the roof.  Damn it.

    if you really want to know what you can get for 250K in my area…A brand new 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom townhouse, with patio and garage.  Brand new.

    By Libragirl on 2006 03 05

  5. I understand. When we were looking at houses, my father in law, a home inspector, was all agro about the roof. I think it is one of two top issues first considered, the foundation and the roof. But hopefully an allowance will cover it. At our last house, we had the owners put in central heat and air before we moved in. Maybe instead of an allowance, just arrange to have it done before they move in? Is that possible? It would be more appealing I think, than the allowance. You do the work, ya know? (Like you need more work. Meh.)

    By candice on 2006 03 05

  6. oh poop. what if you replaced the roof yourselves and them added the cost back in? zzZZzz…drag.

    By texasbelle on 2006 03 05

  7. Stinkin roofs. Good luck Leslie!

    By Marie on 2006 03 06

  8. Oh no! My only advice—-watch out for roofers named Mike.  If he looks sleazy, he is.  We have now fired Agent #2 after he told me to “sit down and shut up” with my almost 2 year old in my arms and then he had the nerve to follow me out to my car and argue more. So, now we’re writing a letter to the real estate board and trying FSBO and slashing the price just to be DONE.  And yes, it’s all because of the roof…:(
    (thanks for the space to vent!)

    By Amy_M on 2006 03 06

  9. 250k?!  Surely you jest.

    You couldn’t buy half a crack-whore-infested hovel within 150 miles of where I live for less than 500k.

    By tjsmommy on 2006 03 06

  10. Ha ha ha, them are sum lovely noodles, thanks for sharing…

    ...yes, good luck with the house, and the roof, and all that…

    By sarahgrace on 2006 03 06