What are the odds

Aug 28, 2005

What are the odds, when you have sex two times a month and your inlaws live 120 miles away that they’d drop by during the act?

Apparently, pretty damn good.


  1. Ahahahaha! Man that sucks!

    By Sarah on 2005 08 28

  2. LMAO!

    By Jan on 2005 08 29

  3. LMAO - Haha!

    By Nicole on 2005 08 29

  4. yep, how would you like it when the GRANDPARENTS drop by…they don’t knock either. So got’ya on that.

    By texasbelle on 2005 08 29

  5. I haven’t experienced this yet, but lord almighty, no thanks.  Nice way to end the moment.  Hee Hee.  Do you think they caught on?

    By traci on 2005 08 29

  6. ohmahgah!

    By Erin on 2005 08 29

  7. Don’t people know how to call first!?!  Sheesh!  That’s a mood-killer.  LMAO!

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 08 29

  8. Oops!  If they live that far away you’d have thought they’d call just to make sure you are home!  Nice, real nice!!

    By Holly on 2005 08 29

  9. I saw a few LMAO in the above comments.  I think I will throw out a ROFLMAO for good measure!

    By RB on 2005 08 29