What the world needs now…

Mar 25, 2009

#Family Life


  1. Sweet!

    By hilary on 2009 03 25

  2. omygosh i wanna squish you two!  so cute!

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 03 25

  3. I love ingrid!!  Very cute!!

    By amy on 2009 03 25

  4. OMG my son (2 1/2) love this one too!

    By April on 2009 03 25

  5. CUTE!!  Am going to die of the cuteness!

    By Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com on 2009 03 25

  6. OMG. I just feel in love with you all over again. That was by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I want to squish you both; keep you in my pocket, right by my heart.

    By sam {temptingmama} on 2009 03 25

  7. That was so adorable. My kids made me watch it twice! smile

    By Scary Mommy on 2009 03 25

  8. Awe, tanks, y’all. He was singing it before I started the video, OF COURSE, but damn, couldn’t get enough of this snugglyman on film.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 03 25

  9. Adorableness!

    By Sheila on 2009 03 25

  10. How cute!  That’s it! we have to move back!

    By KC on 2009 03 25

  11. So cute! What is that song?

    By Laurie on 2009 03 25

  12. ZOMG!! Who is this adorable CHILD?!!!  The cuteness!! I can’t believe how fast they aren’t babies anymore!!! :(

    By Christine on 2009 03 25

  13. Omigod you guys are so freaking cute xoxo

    By syd on 2009 03 25

  14. Do you know how much I love you, Leslie?

    So freaking much!

    By Secret Agent Mama on 2009 03 25

  15. That is unbelievably cute!  And the world TOTALLY needs way more of that.

    By Rachael on 2009 03 25

  16. Sigh!  If I could, I would carry you both around in my pocket.

    Also, why did you let that little boy eat your baby? grin

    By Maria on 2009 03 26

  17. oh now THAT is the way to wake up this morning.

    Except for the um *coughsentimentaltearscough* Um. I have something in my eye.

    By Dawn on 2009 03 26

  18. Awesome!  He is so adorable!!  And I love that song.  smile

    By Christy on 2009 03 26

  19. Gots me a new song in my head and it’s a purty-cute-in-too!

    By Liz@thisfullhouse on 2009 03 26

  20. Tiny LOVED watching the video. I had to play it like four times. She smiled and danced along with O. Then she clapped each time after it was over. lol. She loves her cousin even from miles and miles away.

    By sister flinger on 2009 03 26