When Pigs Fly

Apr 29, 2009

#Early Marriage

The last vacation the mister and I went on was August 2003. People? Do the math. That’s over five years ago. FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO.  In that time we’ve a) purchased a house b) got a masters degree c) had a baby d) sold the house e) moved to portland f) moved to Seattle g) had another baby h) started a business.

My god, people, who out of anyone that you know, needs a vacation more than we do? Don’t answer that. This is about me, after all.

So now we’re finally going to Las Vegas for a conference and we’ll be staying an extra two days to play. TWO WHOLE DAYS. We’ll be gone a total of five days without children. :: brain explodes :: I’m not sure I know what to do with that information. FIVE DAYS. NO KIDS. :: kaplow ::


So am I at all surprised by this SWINE FLU news? No. No I’m not. And I’ll tell you why, we’ll vacation again when pigs fly.

And apparently, that time is now.

Seriously, people, LOOK AT US! We’re so young. We’re so innocent. We have no idea this will be the LAST FUN THING WE DO FOR FIVE YEARS


And we thought dogs were hard? This guy made it up the mountin without complaining ONCE that his feet hurt, or that he was hungry, or that he was bored.

Awe… and I thought I was fat back then. That was before my belly was sliced. TWICE.


  1. i sure hope you get to go!  and you look the same now, both of you.  so young and cute!

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 04 29

  2. Don’t EVEN worry about Swine Flu. So stupid. Go enjoy yourselves and remember what it’s like to be YOU.

    By laura on 2009 04 29

  3. I hope you have a blast! When are you going? We’re going next month. smile

    By Sara on 2009 04 29

  4. Go and have a great time! You deserve it! Swine flu shmoo. It hasn’t even made it to Nevada… and it may not! 

    It could be worse. By brother and sister-in-law are scheduled to leave on their Mexican vacation tomorrow! And they’re still planning on going. Now that’s craziness.

    By Paige on 2009 04 29

  5. I haven’t been five days without my kids since….EVER.  I’m so jealous of your vacation.  Have fun, though! And when you win the jackpot, please remember me!

    By Heather, Queen of Shake Shake on 2009 04 30

  6. Meep.  That is indeed a LONG time.
    Love your yellow hiking jacket & bandanna combo; very cute!

    By Al_Pal on 2009 05 07