Women in Tech, a living example in PHP

Oct 05, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again


class nerds {

public static $boy = 'stands to pee';
public $girl = 'sits to pee';

public static function getBoy() { echo self::$boy; }
  public static function setBoy() { self::$boy = 'Tech Boy'; }
  public function getGirl() { echo $this->girl; }       

$ob = new nerds();
nerds::getBoy();    // output: stands to pee  
$ob->getBoy();  // output: stands to pee
$ob->getGirl();  // output: sits to pee
          // girls are never static thus you can use the $this->girl

class techgirl extends nerds {
public function lesson() {
$this->x = 'women are not objects';

$techgirl = new Techgirl

echo $techgirl->lesson();  //outputs women are not objects.



Next up: Bunnies! Fluffy Pink Hearts! And the cuttest kiddos ever!


  1. Girls are never static - LOL - love the depth of truth in that wink
    And yes, we know better than ever that women are not objects - we need to try something other than all this object-oriented stuff to deal with us women eh??

    Good thesis subject, methinks.

    Man, why do I love it SO much when women get all geeky/nerdy?

    By Maya on 2009 10 05

  2. lol // girls are never static

    By J. Me. on 2009 10 05

  3. hugs

    By VDog on 2009 10 05

  4. Man, I wish we could indent in HTML. wink

    By norm on 2009 10 07