You must’ve been an ok-looking baby…

Nov 28, 2005

I can’t believe she’s growing up.

I’m currently going through all our photos and trimming/organizing/uploading them from the past year. I’m having a hard time choosing some of my faves to upload. But you know how you thought your kid was SO CUTE and you look back and realize.. “ehhh. Maybe she wasn’t the drop dead beauty we thought.” Ahhh, comeon now. You say it, I know you do. Maybe it’s a realitve thing. Maybe it’s that baby acne and sleep deprivation. Who knows. But you look back and think, “WOAH! I don’t remember THAT face!” and other times you look back and think, “ahhhhh.. what a cutie. WE MADE THAT!” and you’re a little proud of your genes for creating that cute lil’ thing.


  1. Exactly! When I still look back at some old pics of Eli that I remember e-mailing to family cause he was “so cute” and now I’m like Dayum! Not that he was ugly, but DAYUM!

    By Sarah on 2005 11 28

  2. I have one of Ryan’s hospital pics on my desk adn at least once a day I laugh at it!  I thought he was the most perfect baby ever born.  To an alien maybe!!!

    By Andrea on 2005 11 29

  3. I keep one of Claire’s newborn pics in my wallet.  She looks all puckered up and ruddy and cross-eyed.  But I swore she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  She was, but now she’s consistently, for-real cute.

    And that last pic - DARLING!  She is gorgeous!

    By Sitting Still on 2005 11 29

  4. She’s beautiful baby!

    By Kerry on 2005 11 29

  5. What a doll!

    By Busy Mom on 2005 11 29

  6. I say it!!  I look back at the newborn photos and think…awww… alien.

    By RB on 2005 11 29

  7. Ahh, thanks, y’all. *I* do think she’s adorable, of course. I just think love blinds you a bit in those first few weeks ‘cause boy they do get cuter.

    Michaela, I’m currently uploading to both for fear of confusing the Grandmas. Heaven forbid I tell them to log in somewhere else, I JUST got them logging in to the family site!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 11 29

  8. I agree she’s a real cutie!  smile

    I do know what you mean, though, some of our kid’s pictures can stay forever lost in the many picture folders on our computer!  OH MY.

    By Holly on 2005 11 29

  9. too cute!

    By Amy_M on 2005 11 29

  10. They just keep on getting better and better looking!

    By denise on 2005 11 29

  11. Ha, I still do it as they grow up. I used to think A was SO CUTE until Ry was born and you compare baby pics. He was ROLLY and looked like he had a tupee. Seriously, the kid only had hair right in the middle of his head. Kinda like a Donald Trump look. ACK!

    B on the other hand was a cue ball until he was 2. He was WAY cuter then he is now, but I guess the 5 girls that LOVE him don’t seem to think so.

    By Nicole on 2005 11 29

  12. She’s adorable!  Really.  And I’m not just saying that ‘cause I’m your friend.

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 11 29