You are dying to know, aren’t you?

Oct 22, 2007

#Life#Weght Loss and Body Image

I have numbers 3,4,5 and a bonus number 6 (!) on how to combat Postpartum Mood Disorder (or PPD if you had it back in 2004 like I did when it wasn’t “out there” yet.) But right now I’m busy getting everyone healthy. JOIN THE MASSES! Get Thee ASSES! Smaller! Smaller! GOooOOOoooOOOO ASSES!

Wow. Ok, that’s the red wine talking. My ONE glass of merlot thanks to Agatson. One glass and I turn in to Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

Who knew? (Oh, right, they did, and so did they, and her, and her.....)

I’m rambling. Am I rambling? This may be the best.post.ever.

So if you haven’t signed up yet, you have an entire day to do so. Do it noooooowwwww. You can Register if you’re not. You can let us know how you’re doing and talk to other members. You can join us and win money! and send your “before” picture (and a photo of your scale) to me so it can be posted in a member accessed location which has a few other features to motivate you to win said money.

Still rambling.

One day I’ll finish up a few projects like getting our cars registered in this state (happy anniversary to our move date! One year of neglecting tags!), posting her template and updating this site. Really, though, now? I must go to bed. There is one hundred and fifteen dollars and 24 people counting on me to work out in the morning. Oh, and my belly. My large, postpartum belly…


(Let’s just pretend there is a pretty picture here to break up the boring ... or monotonous if I can spell ... length of this post, shall we? Oh, fine you want a REAL picture? God, you people drive a hard bargain. Here. Look! We’re so mature.)


  1. Please don’t mention “wine”!  My head is still throbbing…..

    By Friglet on 2007 10 23

  2. You two are so cute I want to carry you around in my pocket. LOL

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 10 23

  3. You need to blog tipsy again soon!

    By Dawn S. on 2007 10 23

  4. Hil.ar.ious. You’re a hoot.


    By Heidi Hyde on 2007 10 23

  5. I love that picture. I think our husbands might even get along.

    By bananas on 2007 10 23

  6. Yeah, we haven’t registered our cars yet either.

    By Stephanie on 2007 10 23

  7. I wanted to sign up so much.
    However, I realized that since I will be caring for a colicky newborn for 2 of these 4 weeks, and since this fact makes me need to dive headfirst into a jar of chunky peanut butter with Hershey’s bars tied to my body simply to maintain sanity, it’s probably best that I catch ya next time.


    By loralee on 2007 10 24

  8. Mr and Mrs Flinger are awe-some.

    By Sleepingmommy on 2007 10 24

  9. A picture of my scale?  Okay…but not today.  Maybe tomorrow.  And pictures of me?  I was saving those until AFTER I lost the weight, but I guess my pride and dignity went out the window the moment I decided to shove those Twinkies down my gullet!!!


    By LeannIAm on 2007 10 24