Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

Some call is obsessive, I call it good sense 05/Jul/2005

#Rants and Raves

How do you cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed? ‘Cause right now, that’s what I’d sum up my days if I had to choose one word: Over-effing-welmed.

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Not the same ol’ same ol’ anymore! 03/Jul/2005

#Weght Loss and Body Image

There’s this long standing joke with have with “the chans”, peacelily, and the Jelly Bellies. We’re talking about one small, innocent comment muttered three years ago.

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Everyone is doin’ it 02/Jul/2005


Is it just me, or is everyone pregnant again?

Congrats!! to…


And to those thinking and/or trying:

And then there are my super prego friends:

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My inner bitch kicks your ass and then feels bad about it 30/Jun/2005

#Rants and Raves

I have this inner bitch. She gets ALL funky on people who don’t do anything. She gets all up in arms over conversations she’s never had with people. She’s really very a terrible girl. Horrible. She kicks *my* ass all the time. Also? She cusses. Entirely. Too. Much.

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I’m in Style! looK!.. sordda 29/Jun/2005

I got to go SHOPPING today! My little sister was able to point out a few stylish things I can use to go out in and cover my belly. (You have to excuse the bloated, overweight look I’m sporting tonight. I swear I was feeling thin just this morning. Must’ve been the lack of water and the three coffees I had today. Body for life starts next Monday.. ahem.. Kelli).

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I’m going to die in my sleep 28/Jun/2005

I snore. Bad. Here’s a secret: Once, when I was pregnant, I shit you not, I called the hospital to ask if I could hurt the baby from snoring at night. I’m dead serious. I think they laughed but I meant how the hell is my child getting enough OXYGEN through my stuffed up, messed up nose? Hu?

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Mememmemmeme 25/Jun/2005


Since I was tagged by both Erin and Sara for this little bloggy go-around me me and linky love, I thought I’d post one there and one other there. So as I get to tag TEN people and you have to hear A LOT about me. Muhahahaha.

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When your child sleeps 25/Jun/2005

I am currently sitting in the back of our SUV with the doors open in our driveway working. The child fell asleep just as we were coming home and is so out of it, she didn’t move when we got out the groceries, the stroller, the dogs.  In fact, she’s so peacefull, we left her. Mr. Flinger says, “How come they don’t make carriers for big kids.” Well, ya see, ‘cause Moms don’t want t haul around 5 year olds in a carrier to and from the car. Instead, they’d rather sit in the back enjoying some sun and blogging.

Amen for the convertable car seat. Guess I can’t do laundry from here, hu. wink

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It’s Friday? WTF? 24/Jun/2005

MIL left today about noon. I woke up at 11am this morning for the first actual sleep I’ve had in 6 days. Aside from sweating, tossing and turning, not breathing, puking and not being able to eat, the last week is a blur.  I was finally given antibiotics on Wednesday night after going back to the doctor. I have

had Strep Throat. Strep is not a terminal illness, but I swear, I was dying.

I’m 36 hours into antibiotics and while my throat still holds on to some of the pussy legions (groooossss), there are a lot less of them, I can (almost) swallow and I feel like dancing. Kinda.

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Is there onion in my carrot cake or am I pregnant? 22/Jun/2005

#Rants and Raves#got pee sticks?

Did I tell you that when I was pregnant, everything smelled like onion? My friend’s shampoo was onion. My husband seeped onion into our room at night while he breathed and I’d come in from the bathroom and gag from the smell.  The dish soap was onion.  The laundry, fresh out of the dryer, smelled like onion. I gagged from all the onion smell all the time. I grew to hate onions. I still cant eat them.

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