Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

Because this day is EPIC. EPIC I tell you. 16/Oct/2009

I realize Nobody cares what I had for lunch but you WILL ALL CARE about my day. I speak with authority because I have that kind of power today. The kind of power that gets shit done AND has a beer at 3:00pm.

I am one of the most influential women. In my head.

Here is, in a boring amazingly horrid long list with time-stamps, my day.

6AM - 8AM Stuff happens at home.

8AM- Toddler counts to sixty by himself with minimal help. I plot his future which includes supporting Mr. Flinger and I in our old age. Possibly from some sort of computer forensics. Or pot dealing.

8:45AM - Purchase high fructose corn syrup cookies for LB’s snack at school celebrating her 5th birthday. Also, be mother of... Read more

Looking back and the archives I’m thankful for 13/Oct/2009

#Family Life

If ever you think you want top blogging, or wonder why you do it, and I know you will, I have something for you: You used to write well back when you started and then you got busy and forgot and now you write shit. So keep those archives handy, ok?

Also, because one day you just might be glad you blogged through your entire miscarriage experience so you can sit with a friend and empathize in a way you might not remember three years later.

I was doing just this very thing, fishing around my miscarriage archives, when I looked up, teary, at my husband.

“Didn’t we get baby O out of the deal later?” he asks.

“Yes, he was the baby after the one we lost,” I reply remembering back to the cycle I missed after the miscarriage.... Read more

OHMYGOD I Am One Of THEM. AKA: I’m clearly medicated 12/Oct/2009

#Family Life

Did I just totally gush out on you? Dearchrist. I just re-read my post and…

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

When I started blogging, I was in grad school. I was plowing through programming which at the time, was akin to having my toenails shaved by the lovely asian gals until my toes were nubbins of bone. I used to envision this as I was studying the Java Sun Packages. I’d think, “SCRRAAAPEEE” toe one. “Scrraapppe” This is probably one of the reasons I never liked Java. I like my toes too much.

But then I got pregnant, finished up my thesis, had a baby and dipped in... Read more

Inspiring 12/Oct/2009

#Family Life#Working Mom

I know we’re all busy and yet we somehow manage to maintain this space on the Interweb. We drive to it most nights grasping for some bit of ourselves. It’s our haven.

So know that when I say I’m drowning, I’m not asking for you to save me, but maybe just to toss in some floaties.

And a beer.

Or three.

I could post my todo list for you here. We could marvel at its length. We could giggle, “Wow, what a large todo list you have, Mrs. Flinger” and make 12 year old remarks.

Or we could look at some pictures of my kids at the harvest festival from this weekend.

I always say pictures of kids trump a todo list.

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Healthy Pancakes 11/Oct/2009

#Family Life


My son is a pancake freak. Periodically at night he’ll ask, “MORE PANCAKES.” And by periodically, I mean every so often at 2Am. It’s like he’s having a sloppy pancake dream.


I use a recipe from my favorite cookbook, “Eating For LifeRead more

The Working Mom: Improv #239 09/Oct/2009

#Working Mom


It took a long time for my brain to switch to work mode. I was so used to carrying around diapers and fourteen days worth of crackers that I often walked in to client meetings and sighed as I shoved aside four diapers, wipes, three fruit leathers and a nondescript item from what appears to be of a “gummy” family. Or once was.

I can’t tell you when it happened that I actually stopped carting around my child’s extra pair of panties in my purse, but I did. I started feeling like a woman again, not just the mom of two young children. At some point, I started leaving for work with just my laptop and a yogurt. I mean, how... Read more

“IT” 08/Oct/2009

#Family Life


I sat on the plane next to a young gal, mid-twenties she would tell me later, who reminded me a lot of myself at her age. Realizing “her age” wasn’t so far gone, but knowing it was still long enough away to form distant memories and wistful longings in my mind.

“You’re married? With two kids? When did you get married?” she asks with... Read more

Nobody tells you when you grow up, you’ll want to be just like your kids 05/Oct/2009

#Family Life


My daughter is so dynamic.

So joyful.

So lovely.

She feels so intensely.

She cares so deeply.

She loves fully.

I watch her play and I wonder when I grew up. When did I stop running in the leaves or spinning in circles to feel the wind on my face? When did I decide socks had to match and outfits had accessories?


People sometimes ask my children what they want to be when they grow up. They have answers, “A mommy! A train! A tree!” They’ll make those... Read more

Women in Tech, a living example in PHP 05/Oct/2009

#She's Gone Geek Again


class nerds {

public static $boy = 'stands to pee';
public $girl = 'sits to pee';

public static function getBoy() { echo self::$boy; }
  public static function setBoy() { self::$boy = 'Tech Boy'; }
  public function getGirl() { echo $this->girl; }       

$ob = new nerds();
nerds::getBoy();    // output: stands to pee  
$ob->getBoy();  // output: stands to pee
$ob->getGirl();  // output: sits to pee
          // girls are never static thus you can use the $this->girl

class techgirl extends nerds {
public function lesson() {
$this->x... Read more

The downfall of being a woman in tech 02/Oct/2009

I’m here at the EE Roadshow here in Seattle. I’m thrilled to be with so many fabulous developers in one location.

It’s a freakin’ GEEK FESTIVAL!


I’m glad to see women being represented here. There must be at least twelve of us in a full room of 200? :: fist pump :: GIrl power.

This, being the first and possibly one time ever, the women’s restroom wouldn’t have a line longer than security at Sea-Tac airport, they only have non-gender specific “washrooms”. This means the boys now stand in line and... Read more