My Poor Bean (Updated*) 11/Jun/2005

Y’all.. this sucks. SUCKS. We need all positive thoughts our way. We have the flu. Both LB and I, but she’s taking it much worse than I am.

Day #4 of 103 fevers. If this keeps going, I’ll be on a plane to Psychoville. I hate watching her suffer.

*You can see an update of the fever at The Flingers. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and sympathy fevers (BabyBeaux) but really, no need to suffer on our account! We do appreciate y’all thinking of us.

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What do you get when you cross a hypochrondriac with an engineer? 10/Jun/2005

Some very calculated paranoia, lemme tell you.

She’s been doing this head shaking thing. It’s like she’s saying “NO” but it’s out of her control. It started a week ago and has been getting worse. She does this while we’re playing. She’ll try to play with something but her head will shake no and keep her from focusing. Or I’ll be dressing her and her head will start bobbing for no reason while she plays with the tube of butt paste. In all cases, it seems that she’s out of control of her own body.

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Can I tell you a secret? 09/Jun/2005

I’m afraid to go check on her. We laid her down after some Tylenol, still feevery, and I’m scared to walk in there. Why? Because “what if…”

Do you ever think that?

I’ll go look in on her and get ready for bed. Obviously, it’s been a long day. ‘Night y’all.

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My blog and my baby are broken *updated* 09/Jun/2005

Yet another reason I know women kick ass. The following conversation occured last night:

Mrs. Flinger, “She feels warm. I think she has a fever.”
Mr. Flinger (groggy and asleep whilst *I* take care of the baby) “um? Nah.. she’s ok.”
Mrs. Flinger, “Was she warm when you fed her earlier?”
Mr. Flinger, “..... n… o…”
Mrs. Flinger, “Ok, well, look at her, she’s flushed now. I think she has a fever. I don’t want to wake her all the way just to check, though.”Read more

Um, that can’t be good 08/Jun/2005

Apparently, I’m as hip as a 50 year old grandma. Ack.

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Womens Lib, my ass 07/Jun/2005

Do you find that the majority of parenting fall on you, the mother? Do you find that the home stuff is all to be done by you because women belong in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and feeding/caring for the child you bore? Do you find that when she is up every night, regardless of time or duration, that it is you who has the maternal instincts to get out of your peaceful slumber, stumble into the nursery and care for the baby and regardless of poking, crying, or throwing things, the mister can sleep? It’s annoying, really.

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Don’t insult my writing 05/Jun/2005

Have you ever considered taking off, starting over and making yourself new again? Being anything you want to be? Going to a place nobody knows you, knows your past, who you really are and being something fantastic?

I do. I used to do this physically when I was younger. I’d actually move across the country (ok, I did this twice, don’t let me sound too cool now) and just started over with a new job, new group of friends, a new life. Mostly.

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New summer reads 02/Jun/2005

I just got done reading, “Little Children”.  It totally goes in the “trashy summer read” category. I’m in the mood for trashy summer reads, now that summer is starting next week and I have days ahead of playing, cooking, laundry, teaching LB and scrounging for money ahead. Yes, truly there will be ample time to read. < end sarcasm >

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I’m already a little Seattle-Sick 01/Jun/2005

You know how you love vacation? You know how you hate to go home? Well, think that but then throw in the fact that you *hate* where you live. This town is the slime of the state. Seriously. Everyone knows it. Meth addicts love it. Rapists love it. Oh, yes, we harbor everyone here, fair and balanced.

So, I wanted to virtually share with you some of my favorite Northwest Washington Stuff:

The Mountain radio station.
My favorite church.
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Maybe that wasn’t a good idea 31/May/2005

Uh.. if you don’t read my Moms site, you might want to for a good laugh. Holy crap.

I showed her how to post a picture. GOOD LORD she’s OUTTA CONTROL! OOOhhh, Oma! She doesn’t do ANYTHING in little bits.

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