Mrs. Flinger: A work in progress

Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

5-ish reasons you should follow Mrs. Flinger on twitter Aug 21, 2009

I’ve noticed a lot of “Best Tweeple!” going around lately. And I see that there’s a very large oversight in the names that are being tossed about. Like, for example, while Jennifer James had some great suggestions, she forgot one very important person. I’ll give you three guesses. And no, it’s not Alyssa Milano even if her rack puts my rack in the rack of shame. There are also some sort of “Twitter Awards” or something. Which, you know how well I do at awards. Clearly I sweep ‘em with my 1.9% of the vote and no, I don’t hold on to that for nearly a year, what? Why do you ask? So while you may not want to follow my always-the-brides-maid-never-the-bride blog and you may not find me nominated for.. well.. anything tweet... Read more

An Ode to My Friend MIchelle: On Her Birthday Aug 20, 2009

#Side Notes

There once was a girl named Michelle She was leading a mom group quite well We met at a date I was, as usual, late From hiking in frozen hell It’s been nearly three years since we met We’ve done a lot of stuff I can’t forget Over the years we did hang We talked of politics and wang And watched our hair go from blonde to brunette There was the time we went for that run Carrying a pineapple the size of the sun? Or that time in San Fran where I was hit on by that man And the cops came ask him questions. We dressed up like early 80’s hos We’ve done gymnastics though we’re old We both peeter out when our friends are just about To hit the slots in Casinos for gold Happy birthday to you my friend Michelle We all think you are very swell I hope... Read more

Because sometims all programming needs is a rap Aug 20, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again

*For Nick. Who is also a Cracker. OOP Based Roughly on the OPP rap by Naughty By Nature. Nerded up by me. OOP how can I explain it I’ll take you frame by frame it To have y’all jumpin’ shall we singin’ it O is for Object O is for Oriented The last P…well…that’s not that simple It’s code and jive and variables like strings It’s catching exceptions and return theresult.toString() There are functions and methods, classes too You instantiate an object, yea you know what to do Bust it Chorus: You down with OOP (Yeah you know me) 3X Who’s down with OOP (Every last geek) You down with OOP (Yeah you know me) 3X Who’s down with OOP (All the geeks) This girl ah tried to learn OOP I was this girl and mater-of-fact got a degree... Read more

Layoffs Aug 18, 2009

#Family Life

I’m handing out pink slips. Tiny pink slips to parts of the list, the giant list of “things I do.” Tiny pink slips to excuses. Tiny pink slips to not setting expectations. Tiny pink slips to missing out on field trips. Tiny pink slips to quick dinners and faster bed times. Tiny pink slips to the constant glow of the computer screen. At the end of the day I often hear, “but you’re your own boss,” and I puzzle. I am? No. I have people, clients, friends, websites. I have a husband who enjoys seeing me and children who need me. I am my own boss but I share the load. And these people don’t let me lose focus. At least not for long. Read more

Stage 2: Inspiration Aug 16, 2009

#The Liberal Years

The continued story of how I decided to live barefoot: Prefix: The Acorn and Me Stage 1: Stage 1: Realization Through the year and a half I was in Texas, a dynamic shift occurred in both my physical self, my group of friends, and my relationship with God. I began the year teaching preschool at a non-denominational church with every intention to get a master’s degree in Elementary Education. The experiences I had that year led to my rebellion. “Rebellion” that is. As I processed the difference between my home in Bellingham, the mountains and parks, and my new home in Houston, I wrote an entry on April 30, 1999: “It’s cold enough to cause my arms to have chills. In fact, it’s about the same temperature as Whistler on an August night. I expect to look... Read more

Thirty Days is a really really really long time Aug 15, 2009

#Side Notes

It’s hard enough to hit a goal of “doing pilates/yoga for thirty days” without other stuff getting in the way. It’s hard enough to tell yourself that on this lunch break you will spend the first 45 minutes of that hour in downward dog watching your arms shake while you hold your tummy in tight and will yourself to be stronger, leaner, meaner. It’s hard enough to choose to twist your body and flex your ab muscles (wait, ARE those ab muscles?) instead of grabbing a coffee and working. So when my ovaries grew to the size of a small state and began to ache, I mean, explode, I knew my plans were for not. Of course, I figured it was because I was dying from some strange ovarian virus. Something like, “THE OVARIAN FLU OF DEATH!” So I figured why... Read more

The Brand of Me Aug 13, 2009

#Family Life

It’s been coming to this for a long time, this merging of me vs me. I’ve pretended to be different: Professional Me and Personal Me. But honestly? I am only one person, not two threaded halves. I am a multitude of rolls, but I am just me. I am as transparent and as open as anyone can be, equally giving way to hurt and laughter and insecurities and strength. I’m open to accepting new ideas, I love my family and my work and I give people the benefit of the doubt to an almost gullible level. I am what I am and that’s all that I am. (Picture me giving you the pop-eye here. Or, in my case a “Pirate Eye.”) Eaaeyyyyyy It sounds old and cliche, but it’s taken me six years of Internet Identity to figure out that I’m the same person online and... Read more

Hidden (or not so much) messages of Motherhood Aug 10, 2009

#Family Life

Hidden (Or not so much) Messages from Mrs. Flinger on Vimeo. (Sometimes I just can’t help myself) Read more

Ellis Aug 09, 2009

#The College Angsty Years

I have a sound clip from 1997 that features my college roommates and I interviewing each other on “what we wanted to be doing in five years.” I’ve stumbled across that clip a few times since graduation, always giggling to myself and wondering if any of the other girls thought about those goals. (1997) “I’ll probably be teaching” G stated, matter of fact. (She was.) “I’ll be hiking or something,” Nicole mused. (She was.) “I’ll be servicing humans,” (insert fits of laughter here for our Human Service Major friend wasn’t kidding) Paige giggled. “I’ll be… um…” I offered. And this is how my young adult life started. (1997) (1999) We’ve since gone on to graduate school,... Read more

In the quest of the perfect eyebrow Aug 08, 2009

#Side Notes

I only started plucking my eyebrows in my late twenties. As in VERY late twenties. As in, I was already a mom and labeled thus, “mother plucker” my Mr. Flinger. When it comes to beauty, I’m at a loss. Makeup? Learning how to apply that still. Hair? Well. I can blow dry! But as my friend Michelle stated in exasperation, “You don’t even have the RIGHT kind of flat iron.” I didn’t realize they went out of style. And apparently, I have an old style, the big one? With the FLAT IRON? :: shrugs :: Since 2004 when I started the quest for the perfect eyebrow I have done a lot of research. I’ve polled readers. I’ve goggled “how to pluck your eyebrows you stupid later bloomer.” I’ve even started a PhD in Plucking hairs (for)... Read more