Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

I wrote five books this weekend 07/Jun/2010

“How to feel completely inadequate at one of your best friend’s baby showers that you threw with people much more capable than you are” Parts I & II.

“Why throwing up in a famous web designer’s toilet is better than Schick Shadel for finding ultimate sobriety.”

“Birth Control Via Child Meltdown” - Unabridged

And Finally,

“The Ultimate Diet: Candida Taking Over Your Body. Lose weight without even eating!”

More to come once publication is approved.

What did you write this weekend?

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Remember when we were young? 04/Jun/2010

#Life#Getting to know me#Working Mom

Forgive me for letting Dawn Landes speak for me but I could not have come up with better lyrics. After a week of escape, of enjoying people and places from far away, it’s difficult to look at the Things To Do list and not fantasies of a plane and a hot, steamy week in Paris, or Rome, or London. I told Mr. Flinger I wanted to have a wild hot affair in a far off land and he’s welcome to join me.

Sometimes songs do more justice than the muddled ramblings of a mom with young children. And a new job. And a new house. And it’s not that I don’t love all these things, I just… well…

Remember when we were young?

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Here comes the sun LALALALA 24/May/2010

#Life#The Flinger Family

A short, quick, super-fast update on the weekend because WE ALL HAVE SHIT TO DO.

Yes, including you.

A great friend of mine and her son travelled to Wenatchee with us to find the sunshine and an over-night road trip. There’s a mystical place in Washington State where the sun shines most of the year and it’s called EASTERN WASHINGTON.

There are also a lot of Rednecks there. And Apples.

So the three children piled in the back of our Xterra and we headed over to find swimming, playing outside in short sleeves, and good food.

Here is a snort synopsis of the trip.


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Purple Cafe’s Bucheron Goat Cheese 21/May/2010


My neighbor and workout partner introduced me to the love of Goat Cheese at Purple Cafe recently. It’s the kind of dish I set aside all kinds of weight watchers points to enjoy. It’s the kind of dish I beg my husband to take me out to dinner for. It’s the kind of dish I write home to friends and family about.

I swear this dish could stop wars. WHY WAR? EAT BUCHERON GOAT CHEESE.

Today I found the Purple Cafe blog. To my delighted surprise, I found the beloved goat cheese... Read more

Three Years PostPartum 20/May/2010

#Life#The Flinger Family#Baby O

To my son, my only son, my second born.


First, please know I don’t love you less than your sister, I love you later. Just because I realized yesterday, that I hadn’t invited anyone to your birthday party for tomorrow, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It means I’m entirely over taxed and very, very tired which I only blame you for 40% of.

It’s pretty tough to believe it’s been three years. That’s the same amount of time the “The Indian Remote Sensing Satellite” or, IRS-1D orbited the earth taking pictures. (yea, I know things) In dog years, you’d be entering your teen-age... Read more

Good night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite 17/May/2010

Riddle me this: Full size bed, two adults. One person gets eaten alive nightly while the other blissfully sleeps through everything including children screaming, bitten-adult turning on lights and cussing, and possibly a small earthquake.

Y’all, I’m getting

It’s been going on for a week now. I thought we had a spider so I changed the sheets and washed the bedding. It came back. My legs are all chewed up, my hips have red bumps on them and the bites are migrating north to my neck. I swear to god I have a teeny-tiny Edward Cullen sucking his way through all my veins. No, actually, I enjoy that image too much. Maybe it’s more like a very tiny family of spiders, or a bunch of bed bugs?

Which, while I’m at it, DO... Read more

I guess the real question is, would you have to look for me in the fetish section, too? 16/May/2010

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

A few weeks ago, I attended an amazing panel about our girls being “sexy too soon” by Parent Map. I was asked to tweet about the event during the discussion and received a ton of great feedback via twitter regarding the content of the session. It was well done and truly full of wonderful ideas to reach out to our girls.


As I grabbed the courage to stand and ask a question, an Asian lady stood up before me to ask hers. “It’s taken us two hours and we haven’t talked about race,” she said. The room fell silent. The all white panel stammered. “Um, yea…” The question-asker went on, “You know where my husband has to go find porn that looks like me? The FETISH section. That’s because we over-romanticize... Read more

Mother’s Day 2010: Epic Awesomesauce 10/May/2010

Mother’s Day started early. Saturday night my friend Ashley picked me up in her awesome mobile to head to our favorite local restaurant.

Ashley's Car

We met Trix there and she totally smelled my hair.

Purple- The Night...
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I make a terrible fairy-tale princess, a crappy mormon, a shitty buddhist and a worse country wife 07/May/2010

We have mice. When I tell this to people they laugh. “Welcome to the country,” they say. They tell me to get a cat. They tell me this is part of being surrounded by all this land.

Last night we saw a mouse. Instead of being the calm, rational person “they” expect me to be, I jumped on a chair while yelling, “KILL THE FUCKER” and simultaneously pouring a glass of wine. It was not my proudest moment.

My daughter has lived with invisible mice for nearly three years. It started one night after introducing her to Cinderella. I asked her doctor about it when one cute “invisible mouse” turned in to two years, a million mice, and actual conversations between them. My daughter often draws all of her mice in her pictures, a group of... Read more

Moms, Business, Family and Pepperidge Farm 06/May/2010


I don’t always believe in Fate. I want to keep my life organized in such a way it does not possibly involve anything other than my own strength. But sometimes I have to confess that there are strong coincidences that can not, nor should be, over-looked. I had no idea this post would be one of them.

When Blog Nosh Magazine came to me with an offer to read about and reflect on the founder of Pepperidge Farm, I said yes without truly understanding the impact this would have. I did not know I would lose my job this week, nor could I have known how much I would identify with Margaret Rudkin. Truly, I did not appreciate the exact timing of such an offer.

I do now.

Sitting in my “Read more