Incredible 07/May/2005

We just watched The Incredibles.  What a cute movie! But we found ourselves geeking out on stupid things like super powers. ‘Cause look, everyone wishes they had one. Don’t they?

Well, we do. And we were bothered trying to find out what our super power would be. Mr. Flinger sarcastically says, “If only you good use blogging for good instead of evil.” Heh. Doesn’t he know we talk about sex jelly? Come on! That’s for the betterment of all humanity right there. But, I digress…

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Plan ahead 05/May/2005

Ok.. We’re doing this again sometime soon.

Let’s pick a night. A movie. A beer. (Or Margarita) and the link will be provided. We’ll PARTAY HARTAY. ‘k?

How’s Sunday evening? MOther’s day? Say.. 9ish Eastern time?? Hrm? Who’s in?

*No YahooIM required. We can do an online chat with usernames that you can choose at that time. Hope you’ll join!!**

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I am the seventh grader with hairy legs 03/May/2005

I was one of the last girls to figure out I needed to shave my legs. I didn’t wear a bra. I didn’t have my period. I didn’t use tampons. I was so out of the “mature” loop, I was still playing with my friends and climbing the fences and hacking things in the woods while other people started talking about boys, shaving, periods, and kissing.

I didn’t pluck my eyebrows until I was two weeks postpartum.  I dunno why. I started thinking about doing it about a year and a half ago, sitting in grad school looking at other girls my age and feeling... Read more

The post about sex.. or rather, the lack thereof 01/May/2005

Alright. This is MY blog.  And I’m gonna talk about sex. MmmmK?

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Conversations we have too often 30/Apr/2005

“That’s a nice box.”

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Costco has it all 29/Apr/2005

Playgroup went well today. I love it when it’s at my house because I can lay LB down. On the other hand, that means I *have* to wake up and get the place ready. Last night was rough. LB decided playtime shows up at 3am now. So I went to sleep again this morning with her and woke up an hour before the playgroup. *sigh* So much for impressing people with my Mrs. Cleaver skills (it’s a lie anyway).

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I pick up chicks at Costco 28/Apr/2005

Today we went to Costco. LB is such an attraction for people. Old people are magnetically drawn to her. Kids point her out to their moms.  Other babies gawk. She is a big flirt and everyone enjoys her two teeth smile.

After the *sixth* person stopped me about the grocery cart cover Oma got for her, a gal with a baby came to stand behind us in line.

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Unexpected Momminess 27/Apr/2005

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things about being a mommy you knew you’d love. Making your baby laugh, watching her light up when you enter a room, snuggling her while you read at night, finding a new favorite song to dance with and sing to her, bathing with her.

But there are some things I didn’t anticipate hating.

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The Ultimate Mommy Brain 22/Apr/2005

Today I did something I can hardly believe. In fact, I’m so embarrassed about it, I’ll share it with all of you.

I’ve been feeling odd. Strange. Emotional. Bloated. Big-boobed. And late.

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Hello class, today I’ll be showing you my boobs 14/Apr/2005

I just realized I’ve been sitting here, hunched over my keyboard typing away in the front of class with my boobs hanging out the top of my shirt.

Damn pre-prego clothes.

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