Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

I need to work for Coorporate America, and apparently, so should you 01/Aug/2005

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My field is dominated by men. This is fact. The computer science field is 80% male. I think this is an issue. I do. In fact, my dissertation proposal “Women in Computer Science: Teaching Methodology verses Graduation Ratios,” got me accepted into a PhD program because this issue is hot. Call me a geek. I’m a women’s lib geek. It’s true.

So, when I decided to work part time and be home for my baby, you can imagine the impression it left. The thing is? These “men” keep asking me to go to work. And do you know why? It’s not because I’m seen as an equal in their eyes in the field. It’s not because I’m smart. It’s not because I can do the work with some reliability and passion. It’s because “I’m... Read more