When did your child question Santa? 08/Dec/2008

I remember that moment in detail: the door to my room cracked when it wasn’t just hours before as I fell asleep; the laughter of my parents following me out to the living room; my dad saying something about “Santa” placing those presents under the tree as he set up the bunk bed for the dolls I asked Santa for; and the sudden cold realization that Keith from Mrs. Getchie’s third grade class was right: There was no Santa.

I know times have changed. I realize children mature earlier and deal with stresses much much earlier than we did. I realize each generation... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday: The Return Of The Long Sweater (or is it?) 17/Nov/2008

I’m famous in my circle for loving 1998. Look, 1998? It was good. There was Dave Mathews Band. There was grunge. There was boots and hiking and being fresh out of college.

I love me some 1998.

So, today when I donned on my long sweater/robe the mister glanced up in his usually uninterested-in-my-wardrobe way, I was suprised to see him eyeing me. “Hot, aren’t I? Still got it!” I said as I slapped my ass.

“Uh, no, thkat’s not it. That sweater? Isn’t it a wee bit 1998?”


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Brutally Honest Monday is back and just in time for the bailout 29/Sep/2008

So if you were on the House of representatives, or if you were a person who cares about the Country or if you were a home-owner or a parent or a tax payer:

How would you vote for the bailout?

Consider it your first Brutally Honest Monday poll of version two point oh.

*This is totally just information and out of curiosity only. That is all. After chatting with Mr. Flinger about how far away from the people in their party most representatives have fallen, I’m curious if that is indeed fact. It’s your chance to vote in the comments below. Thank you for... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday: My Fugly Dress 28/Jul/2008

Since I think I’ve pretty much exhausted my Brutally Honest-ness for the week on Saturday’s post, and since I have a deadline on Friday and no nanny (read: copious amounts of caffeine and green tea pills) and there are still a few

hundred emails to reply to, I’m keeping it simple.

You want to see my stats? Or you want to see my fugly dress?


The Next Big Thing is in the works. Things may be spotty around here for a bit.

But! I leave you with this! For your viewing pleasure. :: snort ::

Do I... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday of a different kind: Mom Entitlement 14/Jul/2008

During my years teaching at the college level, I had a few unfortunate run-ins with a type of student that is becoming too prevalent in our society. You know, the “do nothing earn an A” types. You all know the type: The student that never makes class, somehow manages to blame the instructor and cries until he gets an A? And by cry, I mean Real Tears And All, people.

It’s not just the old “My dog ate my homework” excuse. It’s deeper. It’s every day. Every assignment. Every test.

Not al kids are this way but talking to old Professors,... Read more

BHM: Self Tanning Disasters 07/Jul/2008

You know that I live in Seattle, which really does mean it’s sunny six times a year here. Okok, sorry, eight if you count those two days in Winter. (Picky Picky) At any rate, being in such a northern state means I’m prone to bi-polar skin. Uhhu. My skin is six degrees of tan depending on what you look at.

For example:

Mah arm. Mah...
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Brutally Honest Monday: Opinion via Pictures 29/Jun/2008

This week’s post comes to you via Mr. Flinger and the Beard That Isn’t.

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Brutally Honest Monday: Suckit. 23/Jun/2008

If I am going to be Brutally Honest with you today, Internet, let me tell you this:

I do not feel like blogging today. Blogging can suckit.

The cop that gave me a ticket in front of our friends because I was driving three miles over the previous speed limit prior to the change on a down-hill can suckit.

The thirty minutes I spent looking for my keys can suckit.

This Monday can suckit.*

Your turn.

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Brutally Honest Monday: I will lick you 17/Jun/2008

I mentioned my unfortunate need to exclaim “I will LICK you!” when I hear people I love will be going to BlogHer. I’d like to say I’m pretty much joking but given enough of the sauce, I may not be.

How is this brutally honest? The part of the “drinking of Teh Sauce” or the part about sharing germs via my tounge that is truly disgusting and sending people grabbing their purell?


To be Brutally Honest with you there are two things you need to know before I pull out the licks.

1. I love you. I read you. I sweartogod I... Read more

Brutally Honst Monday: Yes? Or No? 02/Jun/2008

This is an easy one, y’all. Is it rude to bring in your own lunch to an eating establishment?

Even if they don’t serve anything on your new diet?

Brutally Honest Monday

**My Nanny’s Vote: Oh, hellya, it’s... Read more