Why I am not inviting you over for dinner this week 30/Sep/2008

I’m a little obsessed. And by a little obsessed I mean tuned in to The News 24/7 palpitating with each dramatic climb or drop of the market, watching twitter for latest information, basically becoming a human news ticker. “Market down! Market up! Bill didn’t pass! Bill being updated!” and on and on. It’s annoying my own self.

I’m having a hard time focusing on anything other than the Economy. On anything aside from “THE MARKET”. From anything aside from “THE GREAT GLOBAL MELTDOWN OF TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT IN WHICH THE FLINGERS... Read more

Quite Frankly, I’m sick of it 26/Jul/2008

Popularity. Fame. Money. Drama.

I think Mom101 said it best, “We don’t have to be ashamed about what we do or why we do it. Whether we blog for money or friendship or approval or attention or magical beans. I said it in the first Momosphere panel and I meant it: It’s all good.”

The hate blogs, the jealousy, the gossip; It’s a bi-product of mixing fame, money and popularity in a tiny tiny space called Your Computer. We’re exposed. We’re... Read more

Variations on a Theme 10/Jun/2008

They reached out their hands
  icy fingers grasp
  my hang in theirs cold
In June

Parks open for summer
  empty swings sway
  in the wind and rain
In June

Coats once hung
  brought out again
  huddling with blankets
In June

A month ago today
  Arizona sunny skies
  My sister and a sunburn
In May

Now faded tan
  skin pasty white
  icy cold feet
In June

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If this post sounds bitter and irritated, it is 03/Jun/2008

I want to write to you about the joys of motherhood. But I can’t. Last night I spent three hours talking

bitching to my best friends about how fucking HARD it is. My best friends that I’ve known since I was 19 (wow) and who look at me with compassion and shake their heads knowing they don’t have to go home to these… kids.

Yesterday I wanted to call Michelle, Laura and Shea because they get it on a very deep and personal level having watched my children, almost daily, lose their shit and laugh with me... Read more

Because that last post went over like pork at a vegan wedding… 18/Apr/2008

Look! Snow!

5:10 p.m. Update: A strong Puget Sound Convergence Zone has reformed in Snohomish County, bringing steady snow as well as thunder and lightning to the area. A SNOW ADVISORY is now in effect for Snohomish County until 5 a.m. Saturday for as much as 1-3” of snow—especially above 400 feet

SEATTLE—Summer is only 63 days away.

That’s about the only solace we have to sun fans who are looking at potentially the latest... Read more

Chivalry is officialy D-E-A-D 12/Apr/2008

So I’ve arrived at Starbucks at 6:30 this morning so I can start work. It’s 70 degrees outside. The fog is lifting off Lake Washington in an angelic flight and bikers head to the Burk Gilman for a rare April non-rainy ride.

You can hear the heavens singing to the tune of Allelujiah, “SUNNN-SHINNEEE. SUNNN-SHINNNEE” (Only in Seattle is this a miraculous event.)

There are two power outlets at this Starbucks. One near a window and one in the far back corner of the seating under a florescent light that flickers until you get seizures.

Remember,... Read more

In which I offend most of you except maybe my dad. Or Rush Limbaugh. 03/Apr/2008

Be warned, Internet. I am ticked. Ticked, tired, and in charge of tiny tiny children who have no respect for “get off the floor and stop licking that stranger’s shoes fortheloveofgodI’mnottellingyouagain.”


Yesterday I

took schlepped my children

monkeys to the DMV. Having every forseen document I could think of, title of car, insurance, bank account information, birth certificate, passport, photos of my children. a letter from my teacher in fourth grade and my checkbook, I figured 2pm on a Wednesday was a... Read more

Potty Tawlk 13/Mar/2008

Dear Internet,

There’s a big discrepancy among my friends that makes me need to post a question to you. It’s of dire importance, naturally, as I wouldn’t waste your valuable, precious time if it wasn’t.

If there is a men’s room and a women’s room, both the exact same except the sign on the door, do you wait in line for a busy women’s room?

Or do you go to the men’s room?

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Feminism barefoot in the kitchen 15/Feb/2008

I’ve been rolling around ideals about my identity for some time now. Struggling with my decision to stay at home. Struggling with the images I put in my daughter’s head. Struggling with a place for a strong, empowered woman in a traditional home context. I’m educated, I’m strong, I’m willful. I’m also a woman who cries, gets irrational and stays home to clean the house and care for her children.

I no longer think these things are mutually... Read more

School Rulz 11/Feb/2008

The assvice, it never ends. This morning I called a preschool to request a tour. The following is based on a true story. (Perhaps loosely, but still, based non-the-less)

“What age is your child?” the lady on the phone asks.

Uh, well, that’s a tricky question.

“It is? What’s her birthday.”

Well, see, it’s not until October but she’s really very smart and she’s already in a threes class right now and I’d really like her to... Read more