Some call is obsessive, I call it good sense 05/Jul/2005

How do you cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed? ‘Cause right now, that’s what I’d sum up my days if I had to choose one word: Over-effing-welmed.

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My inner bitch kicks your ass and then feels bad about it 30/Jun/2005

I have this inner bitch. She gets ALL funky on people who don’t do anything. She gets all up in arms over conversations she’s never had with people. She’s really very a terrible girl. Horrible. She kicks *my* ass all the time. Also? She cusses. Entirely. Too. Much.

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Is there onion in my carrot cake or am I pregnant? 22/Jun/2005

Did I tell you that when I was pregnant, everything smelled like onion? My friend’s shampoo was onion. My husband seeped onion into our room at night while he breathed and I’d come in from the bathroom and gag from the smell.  The dish soap was onion.  The laundry, fresh out of the dryer, smelled like onion. I gagged from all the onion smell all the time. I grew to hate onions. I still cant eat them.

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A letter to the Feds 18/Jun/2005

Dear the Federal Government:

I realize you are busy, you know, saving our ass, collecting taxes and taking over the world and all that but I have a request. Can you please please make the use of cell phones in public illegal? You see, old women have no idea they are not the only people in the universe. It is, without a doubt, a daily occurrence that some middle-age woman will get a call and yell, “HELLO? HELLO? WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU. WHAT? I’M AT [fill in the blank]. OH, YES, WELL MARVEY GOT HIS COCK-N-BALLS LOOKED AT AND THE DOCTOR SAID IT’S A VIRAL FUNGUS.... Read more

Breastfeeding and Blogging 15/Jun/2005

Sarah hit on a topic that I feel very strongly about. It’s so hard when you don’t breastfeed, for any reason by your own choice or not, to have all the judgement pushed onto you when you feed your child in public.

I’ve had checkout girls at Costco tell me I could save money if I bfead. No, shit, really? Is it about saving money? And what does she care? She had the nerve, after I said, “yea, I tried but it didn’t work out for us,” to say, “Well, you have to give it... Read more

My blog and my baby are broken *updated* 09/Jun/2005

Yet another reason I know women kick ass. The following conversation occured last night:

Mrs. Flinger, “She feels warm. I think she has a fever.”
Mr. Flinger (groggy and asleep whilst *I* take care of the baby) “um? Nah.. she’s ok.”
Mrs. Flinger, “Was she warm when you fed her earlier?”
Mr. Flinger, “..... n… o…”
Mrs. Flinger, “Ok, well, look at her, she’s flushed now. I think she has a fever. I don’t want to wake her all the way just to check, though.”Read more

Um, that can’t be good 08/Jun/2005

Apparently, I’m as hip as a 50 year old grandma. Ack.

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Womens Lib, my ass 07/Jun/2005

Do you find that the majority of parenting fall on you, the mother? Do you find that the home stuff is all to be done by you because women belong in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and feeding/caring for the child you bore? Do you find that when she is up every night, regardless of time or duration, that it is you who has the maternal instincts to get out of your peaceful slumber, stumble into the nursery and care for the baby and regardless of poking, crying, or throwing things, the mister can sleep? It’s annoying, really.

All that work for women’s equality. All those... Read more

Apparently, 29 is the end of the road 23/May/2005

I’m struggling with transition. The transition from working girl, career lady, working up the ladder to spitup queen, shit changer, mommy-extraordinaire. Any one else having this trouble?

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Happy F***ing Mother’s Day to me 08/May/2005

Y’all don’t have time to fart around, you’re busy. So that’s how it’s going, in five words or less, on this, my first Mother’s Day.

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