What do you get when you cross a hypochrondriac with an engineer? 10/Jun/2005

Some very calculated paranoia, lemme tell you.

She’s been doing this head shaking thing. It’s like she’s saying “NO” but it’s out of her control. It started a week ago and has been getting worse. She does this while we’re playing. She’ll try to play with something but her head will shake no and keep her from focusing. Or I’ll be dressing her and her head will start bobbing for no reason while she plays with the tube of butt paste. In all cases, it seems that she’s out of control of her own body.

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I suck as a bloggy mom 21/May/2005

Let’s face it. I don’t do the monthly updates. What kind of mommy blog doesn’t do the monthly update? Why, you ask? I suck, that’s why. I need to write some cute little love poem I could put in her baby book. Instead, I’d rather write this:

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