Jackass husbands and the crap they say 13/Oct/2005

I have a little story, a funny story, that happened on our way to the airport.

We stopped at Starbucks (of course) and I ran in while Mr. Flinger sat in the car with LB listening to the traffic report.

At Starbucks:

Man, early thirties, obviously checking out chick, mid twenties with great ass. Man sees me watching him checking her out. Says to her, loud enough for me to hear, “Those are great pans.  Where’d you get them?” She responds, “Oh, thanks, got them at [fancy clothing place I’ve never heard of] [or will ever be able to... Read more

My Inner Flinger 06/Oct/2005

I had more dreams last night. Strange dreams in which everyone called me “heavy.” I didn’t even think it odd, really. Until I woke up and realized that I just spent roughy six hours telling myself I’m fat in my sleep. I’m sure a therapist would go to town on this realization. Although, it’s not a huge surprise. I *am* PMSing and, let’s be honest, my belly isn’t the only thing still large one year Post Partum. And, seeing as how I spent most of yesterday obsessing about my adult-zit ridden face and wardrobe, really, I gotta chalk this one up to... Read more

It’s a long shot 30/Sep/2005

So, we hung out with skinnybitch and prettygirl today. I really really like PrettyGirl. She is the peace of the group. She keeps it together. She is pretty AND nice AND has great taste in clothing. AND she genuinly cares about people. She is amazing. I really do like her.

Skinnybitch and I got alone well with PrettyGirl around. We were good, sincere, and nice. We even walked to Starbucks together where I stayed to feed LB. Be proud of me but I didn’t roll my eyes ONCE. Seriously. Be. Proud.

The thing I notcied about skinnybitch is that she invited LB and I to her... Read more

A not-so-perfect ten 15/Aug/2005

Y’all. Two days ago I wore my old shorts. My SIZE TEN SHORTS. The “I can’t pull them up over my post-prego huge ass” shorts.  I got them on, buttoned and documented the whole event. It took NINE and a HALF months to even put them back on. Never mind the 9 pounds I’m still holding on to and never mind that the button could barely hold in my new, waterbed belly and never mind that I had to unbutton them half way through the day so I could breathe again.

For science:

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Baby Weight and Baby Waiting 12/Jul/2005

Yey me! I’m officially only 6 pounds away from pre-prego! I even put away all my maternity clothes yesterday. (I’ve been wearing them ‘cause they’re comfy and all.)  Of course you know what this means, don’t you?

I’m waiting for updates from Mama-C-Ta and Suess who are both having their babies right now.

You know, I had PPD pretty dang bad. I did. It was ugly, dark, and horrible. I would go to bed bawling. “I hate my life,” I used to tell Mr.... Read more

Not the same ol’ same ol’ anymore! 03/Jul/2005

There’s this long standing joke with have with “the chans”, peacelily, and the Jelly Bellies. We’re talking about one small, innocent comment muttered three years ago.

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For Karma’s sake 17/Jun/2005

To weigh out my bitchy post, I thought I’d add that today I zipped on my size 10 pre pregnancy jeans. Oh, sure, I can’t sit down or take a deep breath, but they’re on. Never mind my belly spillover, but looky! THEY ARE ON!

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Would you do it? 16/Jun/2005

Could you stay motivated if you might win a million dollars? Yea, I don’t know if I could, either, but I’m gonna try.

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