Wordless Wednesday: A big Middle Finger to Mother Nature 04/Jun/2008

Dear Mother Nature.

It’s JUNE. :: flips off Mother Nature ::


The End.

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Don’t you wish your emails were hawt like me? 19/Mar/2008

I’ve been a bit saucy, what from being cooped up in our house for three gdayammothereffing days. And, what with being cooped up and all, I use my only outlet to the Real World: Teh Internet. So, you may, or may not, have received emails including the following verbage. And if you did not, by god, consider yourself lucky.

I’m hoping to pass off my children today so I can go get some, you know, actual work done since working from home is like sticking my face in a cement mixer and trying to add.

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Caption Me 30/Jan/2008

A little ala FussyPants style:

We took Baby O for his first swing experience the other day. I realized LB I had a picture of LB around the same time swinging her first. So here they are, experiencing the joy of flying, freely through the air with nothing but strong metal and plastic keeping them safe.

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Wordless Wednesday 20/Dec/2007

Because one day I might find time to write words, today, you get this.


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