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Seeking Simplicity 12/Nov/2008

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My husband regularly tells me I am the most ADD person he knows. I tell him he doesn’t know a lot of people. He tells me he can’t know too many more people because I’m all the people he can handle.

Then he kisses me and slaps my ass in fun and turns on the TV.

Lately I’ve had this urge. I often get “urges” or “a bee in my bonnet” or “any sort of cliche you can think of here that is a nice way of saying totally lost my shit.”  Sometimes I crave my favorite city Bellingham. Sometimes I need to fly home to Texas. Sometimes I ache to hike or camp or kayak. But not in the way you think of a normal person missing things she used to do before kids. No, it’s more like a lady with PMS being told chocolate is... Read more

Tasstle Shoes, Plants, Dancing and how they all come together today 10/Nov/2008


I was 12 years old when my Mom gave me my first marriage advice. “Leslie,” she said looking down at my perm and blue eye-shadow, “When you get married, be sure you look for three things in your husband. One, be sure he wears tasseled shoes. Two, be sure he has plants in his apartment. And three, make sure he can’t dance.”

I looked up at her in complete bewilderment. So she went on to explain:

The shoes represent someone with a conscience style and sense of self. Someone who has drive and motivation. Of course, back in the mid-eighties, tasseled shoes were the height of trend among successful mid-thirties men.

The plants represent a man who cares for other living things aside from himself. He takes responsibility and cares for... Read more

Live Blogging The Last Two Days 03/Nov/2008


Are you as giddy as I am? I’m completely unable to focus on nearly any of my other obligations. I’ve been trying to verbalize my emotions, to write with intelligence, to sit and really justify my logic and emotions and I can’t.

I think I’ve come down with an Adult case of ADHD.

(I’m currently typing this as I run in place.)

(I’m kidding. But only slightly.)

I have to thank my friend Aimee for following up on my challenge that... Read more

Trick or Treet, Smell my Feet 31/Oct/2008

Consider this my virtual door. Picture a few cob-webs with jack-o-lanterns glowing on the front porch and a fun spooky CD piping through the window.

Now, picture being REALLY terrified when John McCain and Sarah Palin answer the door.



This year we’re more in to Halloween then ever before. We had a fantastic Halloween party thrown at Michelle’s house. We’re taking the kids trick or treating tonight with Laura. We’re all aglow with sugar rush.

It must be the age of my children, how they bring out the best... Read more

33 flavors and then some 29/Oct/2008

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Today I turn thirty-three. Thirty. Three. I’m boggled. I’m blinded.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Most average days I just get by. I email, I make lunches, I make dinner, I do the dishes, I tuck covers in over tiny people. I try to remember a life before this and I can’t.


Maybe that’s ok.

So today I’m reflecting on 33 things. Thirty-three. A number that means nothing and so much at the same time.

1. I’m more like... Read more

The Challenge: Election 2008 22/Oct/2008


Mr. Flinger and I have challenged each other to a duel. With the upcoming elections upon us (yes, yes, I know, we’re all very very tired of the talk) we decided to take the bull by the horn, so to speak. To grab the ass by the donkeysack, as it where.

Basically, we’re giving ourselves a college assignment and I hope you’ll join us.

The assignment is thus: (Always throw in “thus” when giving out assignments making yourself look smarter and more intelligent in the process.)

1. Pick five topics from both candidates that you feel strongly about. These MUST be able to be researched on the main ticket site and can be supported elsewhere. But basically, you’ll want to scour the Read more

My Entry for My Friend Aimee’s Totally Awesome Totally Amazing Photo Contest 21/Oct/2008


And! My friend

Michelle entered this photo (I know, she’s freaking amazing, too)

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Happy Birthday LB 17/Oct/2008


I love you, Sweetie. Beyond the Mommy Guilt and the fits and the shoes. I love you deeply, utterly, grandly.


Beyond the cavern.


Beyond misunderstanding.


Beyond comprehension.


I love you.


Happy... Read more

I am nothing if not honest 16/Oct/2008

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*Excuse the stream of consciousness here, but I’m going to write and then get started on work. I think I need to put This Stuff Down so I can take it out of my brain and focus on other things that make people happy like CLEAN CODE and NAVIGATIONS THAT WORK and CSS VALIDATION. So, sorry ahead of time for the lack of editing. It’s been a long night. Also, please note: I am not going crazy or super depressed. I’m frustrated. I’m tired. I’d like to use a lot of eff words. I know you understand. Thank you.

Tomorrow my daughter turns four years old. This marks, for me, a very important day. It’s the day she turns in to My Favorite Age. It’s the day she is no longer a toddler but a child. It’s the day she becomes human enough to... Read more

Probably the first post wherein I DO NOT pee on a stick. BEHOLD, INTERNET. (All caps!) 13/Oct/2008

Hi Internet. It’s been too long. Too long since I came here with a pee stick clutched in my fist shaking my head in disbelief. Too long since I peed on my secret stash of tests. Too long since I groped by boobs and came here saying, “Dude, they are like MELONS.”

It’s an obsession I happily traded for red wine and compulsive furniture re-arrangement. I happily fled the “Am I? Aren’t I?” with the one joyous side effect of BORN AGAIN VIRGIN 2008.

I mean, hey, it saves money, right?

So, in a quest to get my libido back again (nothing says “down boy” like a raging overy and a screaming toddler) I decided to take up Read more