BHM: Self Tanning Disasters 07/Jul/2008

You know that I live in Seattle, which really does mean it’s sunny six times a year here. Okok, sorry, eight if you count those two days in Winter. (Picky Picky) At any rate, being in such a northern state means I’m prone to bi-polar skin. Uhhu. My skin is six degrees of tan depending on what you look at.

For example:

Mah arm. Mah...
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We are outnumbered. Chaos. Send. Booz. Stat. 03/Jul/2008

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Preparations are being made 02/Jul/2008

The Sister is coming to town today. The Laundry is being finished. The Stairs have been vacuumed. The Kids are excited.

The Beer has been stocked.


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Summer 30/Jun/2008

This week will be heavy on the photos. It’s not that there aren’t wonderful stories of laughing, singing, and drinking to go along with them, it’s that there is so much laughing, drinking and singing going on that I can’t write them.

Not yet anyway.

So join me in what is sure to become “PHOTOBLOG WEEK 2008” among the blogosphere. Or at least in Flingerville.

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Brutally Honest Monday: Opinion via Pictures 29/Jun/2008

This week’s post comes to you via Mr. Flinger and the Beard That Isn’t.

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One of my many laws 27/Jun/2008

As Mom, I have the ability, nay, the right to make up laws the family must follow. These can, and will, change at whim. This law, however, has been around since the dawn of our marriage, well before children and obligations and stress:

Law 2 section 1.2 reads as such:

If the sun is streaming in to the room and makes [watching tv] [being on the computer] [playing video games] too difficult, it is time to go outside.

Don’t break law #2 this weekend, kids. You don’t want to know Law #3.

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Why you can’t take our politics too seriously 26/Jun/2008

Last night Mr. Flinger and I had an hour and a half long discussion about the Supreme Court’s Ruling in the Child Rape Case. It started out something like this, “I couldn’t listen anymore because I swear to God if anyone EVER touched LB or Little Man O (of the former Baby O) I’d take law in to my own hands and end up in jail myself.”

It ended something like this:

“And then! Then we could stick ALL the murderers and rapists on one island.”

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If I had all the answers 26/Jun/2008

Last night I had my first, full fledged panic attack. I haven’t had one in years, not since our car was totaled passing through a green light by a 19 year old on her cell. I used to have them on and off for a full two years or so after that day. It was almost always related to driving and it was almost always short lived and managable.

Last night, at 1:00 AM as I crawled in to bed, I literally thought I was going to die.

My throat closed.

My heart raced.

My head spinned.

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Craving Me 24/Jun/2008

There are some things in my life now that are so familiar, I can recall the smells and sounds as if I’m standing there, ten or twenty years ago. Others are so new and wirey, I can barely choke down the change before time is up and new smells and sounds arrive.

This morning on my jog, I turned the corner to the downhill in front of our street and saw the Cascade Range. It exudes summertime right now with the blue shadows and dusts of snow. It is one of those familiar sights to me while running that make this place home. I’m nearly 19 again running in cross country or... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday: Suckit. 23/Jun/2008

If I am going to be Brutally Honest with you today, Internet, let me tell you this:

I do not feel like blogging today. Blogging can suckit.

The cop that gave me a ticket in front of our friends because I was driving three miles over the previous speed limit prior to the change on a down-hill can suckit.

The thirty minutes I spent looking for my keys can suckit.

This Monday can suckit.*

Your turn.

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