Hi. You've reached the 5x award nominated blog holding roughly 1.2% of votes three out of the thirteen years this site has been active. #nailedIt.

Aside from my obviously impressive stats, I'm a developer at Tableau in Seattle. I frequently write about Travel. I'm a mom living with ADHD and learning mindfulness. I tell lots of stories and take Photos. You can see my portfolio on Github Opens New Tab.

I recently wrote A Narrative Of Factual Probability But Definitely Sleep Depravity, When in Rome, Bucket List Item #25 - Rome, Teaching Our Daughters About Relationships, and On Raising The Future, Or The Future Raising Me.

Or why not just Go read them all? Spoiler, it's longer than 140 characters. Bring a towel*.

*If you didn't get that towel reference, this might help.